5 Must Read Books on Ancient Egyptian History :

Once a French novelist , Gustave Flaubert said , “ (Egypt) is a great place of contrast ; splendid things gleams in the dust “. Egypt is one of the great civilizations with its flourishing & mysterious historical significances. Their history make you wonder ,mysteries will make you interested & their story will make you addict .If you are a history lover then you must be a curious knowledge gainer about various aspects of ancient Egypt .Here are some recommended books for you to read & help you to know the Egypt in a new light .These book will take you to their time & experience you the glory of ancient Egypt at that time .

1.The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt –– This book is written by famous archaeologist Richard H. Wilkinson , which is published in 2003 . This is one of the great book on Egyptology . This books talks about the mythology of ancient Egypt in great view . Worshiped gods & goddesses , their  myth , beliefs of ancient Egyptians all of those are recorded in this book very prominent way . It is a very detailed book . This book is available on Amazon .

2.The Cultural Atlas of Ancient Egypt This book is written by two renowned Egyptologist of United Kingdom , John Baines  & Jaromir Malek which is published on 31st October in 2000. This the most favoured book of ancient history for almost last 23 years in the whole world , As it’s name it has indeed lots of geographical photographic pictures , maps, table presentations , charts about ancient history . This book talks about the civilization of Egypt in ancient time. It includes architectural works ,social daily life , artistic sides of Egyptian people in detailed & analyzing manner. This is a very favourite book for history lover specially for Egyptology fans .

3.The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt —  This book is written by Elizabeth Payne which was published in 1964 & an still now it has it’s glory in the field of Egyptian history . It is a type of landmark book which obviously gives a geographical presentation on ancient Egypt’s great architectures with times . This book has a detailed information about every individual Pharaohs ,lifestyle at the time of their ruling period , their grat works which is engraved in history . It also give away an idea about the works a of archaeologists behind these discoveries.

4.Pyramid — This renowned book is written by an British-American writer & illustrator Davis Macaulay which was published on 26th April, 1982 .This is a highly recommended book for interested readers . This book focuses on the pyramids of Egypt .The black & white illustrations give a detailed knowledge about how pyramids built , what is the ingredients used ,their engineering & archeological signification , the land chosen for pyramid , what is founded inside them , The reason to built & Egyptian myth related to it . If you want to know abot pyramids of Egypt then it is a must read book .

5.Ancient Egypt & Her Neighbor — This book is written by Lorene Lambert , which is published in 2013 . It is a one of the great book great book on ancient history lovers . This book depicts a clear picture on Egyptian culture , their civilization of that time through some story-telling .This books also focuses on the relation between ancient Egypt & their neighboring countries , historical facts of those country & connect the big historical events with ancient Egyptian historical time & geography of ancient Egypt . This book is understandable & knowledgeable for kids also.

There are only 5 books are mentioned above but apart from them there are so many fundamental books about Egyptian history –‘The Rise & Fall of Ancient Egypt’  written By Toby Wilkinson ,’The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt written by Ian Shaw’ ,’The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt’ written by Richard H. Wilkinson , ‘Tutankhamun’s Armies’ written by John Coleman Darnell and Colleen Manassa ,Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications)’ written by Dorothea Arnold etc. There are hundrades & millions of books on this interesting subject just you have to browse it .