In this digital era we always use an electronic device like computer for getting our works done but coming to the taste of experience a computer will never replace a book. There might be several reasons to say that computer is best than a book but for sure what ever the epic information that we see today in a computer was written in a book priorly. A good book in the words of John Milton is the precious lifeblood of a master spirit, embalmed and treasured up to a purpose of life.

The thoughts and ideas contained in a book are immortal like tulasidas’s Rama Charitra Manas, Veda Vyas Mahabaratha, The Bible and many other religious literary works like shakespere’s play etc… On the other hand, a computer is a machine that can visualize the contents of a specific book but thinking about the replacement of a book by a computer is unthinkable and far fetched.

A book provides the most cost effective for spreading education and literacy. It is available at a fraction of the cost of a computer. Moreover it is extremely portable and handy, it is not dependent on any external factors like availability of power supply, software and space which are essential prerequisites for a computer. To go through the contents of a book, the two basic ingredients required are time and inclination. It can be read at any time of day or night and anywhere, like while travelling or even while dozing off to sleep.

Though the above mentioned all phases can be full filled by an electronic gadget also reading a book does not create any physical discomfort or eye strain. We all are aware of the hazards of back pain and eye strain caused by a long stretch of viewing a computer screen. Another factor in favor of the book is the general high degree of respectability and faith commended by the written word. Thus while we may see or hear event on our computer terminal, there is nothing better than to confirm the same from a newspaper or a book. Besides helping in spreading education to masses, a plays an important role in developing our power of expression, and the generation of new ideas and thoughts, which help in modelling our personality .

A book is a source of knowledge on a particular subject, offering no diversion or distraction while a computer offers multiple sources like reading, entertainment, games or news on one go along with several advertisements which some times leads to the distraction of our mind and consequently hinders the acquisition of knowledge.

Thus the computer can never replace a book either now or in the near future, this is for the conviction and convenience offered by a book and it can never be possible through a computer. Moreover being a machine it has chance to break down or show an error, these factors are non-existent while reading a book.