Being Healthy

A standard definition of being healthy according to World Health Organization (WHO) is , ” complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely absence of disease or infirmity”. This definition clearly expresses that just because you are disease free , it does not mean you are healthy. So, keeping that definition in mind , do you think you are healthy??

Health is a major concern for almost all the people living in this world. As we are growing with time, most people are being ‘health conscious’ , they plan diet , go to gym, practice yoga and what not. But what we actually need to know is that health is not just about being physically fit. It is a combination of three element – being physically well, mentally stable and socially fit. There are many person who are physically fit but are mentally depressed. So are they actually healthy?? The answer is plain ‘No’. Similarly if someone is physically as well as mentally well but finds difficulty in socially interacting or communicating or do not contribute to the society , is not actually healthy.

So what it needs to be healthy?? If you physically fit, happy with your mental state ( do not worry about little stress , it is completely okay to be little stressed out) and doing socially great then you can conclude that you are healthy.

So , next time when you think about your health, do not just count your health. And if you think you are not healthy, here are some tips to improve ( most of the are about mental health):

1) Plan your diet – This is the first step that almost everyone takes to be healthy . And of course it is necessary . Planning your diet not only improves your physical health but also keeps you mentally satisfied.

2) Exercise, Yoga or anything – Do anything that includes labour works. Try to sweat . It will definitely lift your health.

3) Listen to music – Experts says music can be a great way to boost your mood and improve signs of depression.

4) Gratitude – At the end of the day, always try to write at least three things you are grateful for. It is always beneficial to count your blessings.

5) Relax – Don’t forget to relax. Always take some time out for yourself. Do something that you love to do. Paint, dance, read or anything that makes you happy.

6) Books – Books are great way of escaping reality. Feeling depressed or lonely? Grab a book, sit comfortably, make some coffee and read. It will teleport you to a different world. Certainly you will feel better. Try reading atleast 15 mins a day. It will also improve your creativity.

7) Friends and Family – Spend quality times with your loved ones. Create memories and cherish them. Do not forget , no matter what, you are always loved.

8) Friendliness – Be good and kind to everyone – your neighbors , mates, kid you see in a subway , everyone. Do charitable works. It will always give satisfaction in the end, no matter how much you suffer.