Stress Management

Nowadays people have become fascinated about their money and beauty but they are not giving due care to their mental health. Stress is a mental tension caused by demanding ,taxing , burdensome circumstances and our increasingly busy lives.A life full of stress is something which is not acceptable and desirable by a person because when a person is in stress the hormones called CORTISOL and ADRENALINE are released into the blood stream thereby suppressing the functioning of the immune, digestive and reproductive system.

Also we need to understand every stress is not considered the bad one because stress is actually the survival response, when our body thinks that it is in danger it is also called as fight or flight response. The problem arises when the situation is constantly prevailing causing stress in the lives and a person don’t know how to manage it. That’s why stress management is tremendously important for our health, quality of life and relationships.

Migraines due to stress

Ways to Overcome Stress

1- Avoid Caffeine , Alcohol and Nicotine:

Many people try to overcome their stress by consuming alcohol , nicotine and rich in caffeine drinks but this is the big mistake people are committing which needs to be stopped first. Caffeine and Nicotine are stimulants which increases the level of stress rather than reducing it. Also alcohol is not ultimately helpful as it is a depressant when consumed in large quantities and a stimulant in small quantities. Herbal and other natural drinks must be consumed for keeping a person hydrated and to avoid these harmful stimulants.

2-Get more sleep:

Sleep plays an important role in maintaining a well being of an individual both physically and mentally. Lack of sleep is also an ultimate cause of stress. The environment of the bedroom must be calming and relaxing for a person so that they can have a sweet sleep also it is important to make sure that the bedroom is a tranquil oasis with no items of causing stress. There must be a fixed schedule for a person to sleep everyday so that the body get used to a predictable bedtime routine.

3-Talk to someone:

Communication allows a person to either distract them from their stressful situations or helps in reducing the built up tension by discussing it . In most of the situations a good friend and a colleague or a family member can guide us in a better way and also can provide us with the best solution for our stress.

4-Stress Diary:

In order to overcome stress the most significant thing is to understand what is the situation causing it so a person must have to maintain a stress diary in which they can write about their feelings and different situations along with their date ,time and the people they were with . This will eventually let them know what triggers them. It is basically a effective stress management tool to avoid stressful situations and to handle them with ease.

5-Physical activities:

Accompanying the daily life with proper exercises ,games and meditation will also help in avoiding stress as they can be used as a surrogate to metabolize the excessive stress hormones and restore the body in more calm state.