Responsibilities constitute a major part of the life of an adult being. When a person starts to grow, responsibilities on his shoulders do too. But what about life before adulthood? How about responsibilities at that stage of life? Minimum. Hardly exist.
Childhood is a really fun part of life; not for all though. Unfortunately, some lose their childhood due to family situations which may include poverty or the death of the breadwinner.
But this article focuses on the positives of childhood. What are the impacts of a good childhood on an individual and how can one make the childhood of their near and dear ones the best phase of their life.
The beauty of childhood lies in the number of open choices we have and the carefree nature that we possess. As a child, we live in a world full of imagination. Everybody aspires to become ‘somebody’ but alas, only a few can pursue them as adults.
Also, as children, we share a special kind of bond with our parents. It is nowhere assumed that a special bond cannot be shared between adults and their parents but as we grow, so do responsibilities and we get more engrossed in our work and life. But as children we can wholly devote ourselves to spending time with parents and family; play video games, indoor games, and going out for picnics.
Stories of ghosts and snakes and rats that may take us with them are something we all must have heard. Though these are cherished later if not meted out properly, they may negatively impact the child even causing depression or them becoming anti-social.
All parents love their children and are always there to help. But this help should be careful for they may become dependent entities. Some children are helped to such an extent by their parents and they start believing that be any it any phase of life, someone will be there to assist them. This degrades the quality of their life. While helping out a child is a good and caring gesture, the child must also be taught to do things all by himself. Sure he will make mistakes but those must be corrected with affection and not harsh treatment such as giving them a beating or scolding. Doing this may develop anger issues and self-doubt in them resulting in a not-so-appreciable personality.
While caring is important, some people link the ‘healthiness’ of a child to the amount of bulk present. They keep on feeding them without any physical exercise which impacts the child both physically and mentally.
This indeed is a beautiful phase and must be made special and memorable for every child out there. Laws banning child labor and free education to all children coupled with necessary physical exercise must be incorporated in schools and institutions.
When we grow, we have a lot of tasks at hand. Sometimes we do not even care about our health and spend sleepless nights busy with work. It is these memories that we often remember and brings a smile. To bring this smile, everyone must have an amazing childhood, shouldn’t they?

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