Mother Earth – Our home planet

Earth is the only planet where life can exist.

Earth is also called Blue planet.

If we destroy the earth, we destroy the chance of life.

Earth is our mother as we born here,we grow here,we eat ,play and our whole life cycle take place on earth.
Earth  provide everything that we use today whether it is directly or indirectly.

Life existed on earth is as it is suitable for having an atmosphere, suitable temperature and water is present in its liquid form on Earth due to the position of Earth on solar system.

Earth is the third planet from the Sun at a distance of about 93 million miles (150 million km).

We called Mother earth because Earth provide everything to us like a mother. Our existence become possible only due to earth.
Everything that we needed to survive and thrive is only due to our mother earth it provide us  food, shelter, home , water, air, medicine , suitable temperature and everything that we need for our existence.
But we affect our mother Earth in various ways only for the sake of our greed.

Due to our greedy behaviour natural environment of Earth get changes.

Earth provides enough to satisfy Every man’s needs but not Every man’s greed

Mahatma Gandhi

Earth day is celebrated on 22 April.

Thus ,there is a need to  save our mother Earth.

The optimal temperature of earth rises ,the glaciers are melting  and every type of pollution like air pollution water pollution ,soil pollution ,noise pollution every thing are going on its peak and that’s why why every living organism get affected by this.

Due to this anthropogenic action every single living organism get affected even when they don’t take part in this  destructive action.

Anthropogenic action is referred to as the action which is done by humans.

Impact of anthropogenic activities on  earth
First of all the major impact is  due to overpopulation –
● Due to overpopulation the overconsumption of resources are at its peak .
Even after the implementation of various sustainable act but it doesn’t make any major changes on environment.
● To fulfill the requirements of population we need more food supplies that’s why there is increase in uses of fertilizers and various chemicals to increase the food production.
■ And it will leads to lack of nutrients in grains ,soil infertility or or it may leads to desertification.
● To fulfill the requirements of people there is need to increase the land area so it has been observed that it leads to deforestation.
● Anthropogenic activities are responsible for an intensive emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, leads to an increase of 35% of carbon dioxide (CO2, greenhouse gases) emissions between 1990 and 2010.
● Emission of large amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases leads to rise in temperature of Earth, increase pollution and it causes various type of disease also.
● For affordable price and easy to use the production of plastic also increases.

These all are the the main factors that affect the ecosystems too.

Measures taken to save mother earth:-

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Choose sustainable development
  • Volunteer for clean up our environment
  • Choose long lasting light bulbs
  • Try to use renewable resource more than non-renewable resources
  • Save water
  • Plant more trees
  • Use public transport system
  • Try to avoid plastic use
  • Try to minimise pollution at individual level
  • Use reusable shopping bags
  • Educate others about anthropogenic activities or the impact of anthropogenic actions on our environment and what can we do to prevent its bad effects

Save earth, save home

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