Creativity has no exact definition, and there can’t be any because creativity differs as per the perspective of each and every individual.

Creativity is a free spirit that lives within each of us since the day we are born, the only difference is that every one practices Creativity in a different manner and it’s not about the traditional Creativity which is mostly associated with a painter, artist or cartoonist but, every one. It is not about drawing shapes or abstract art, but anything.

It is always said that a child lives in every person and as we grow up and become adults that child get lost somewhere in the busy life and adulthood, same goes with creativity with time some of us just forget how brilliant they are at being creative in their work , creativity keeps us alive and most importantly it challenges our mind to bring up new ideas. A person who is good at convincing people is a type of creativity, as it requires planning and study of facts in order to be successful at this similarly, a sand artist how did he became a sand artist ? He choose the element sand to showcase his creativity, identifying your style, idea and inspiration can help you claim your creativity. It is possible to look beyond the normal horizon which is also called imagination and today each one of us is aware about the power of imagination.

Thus, the above example shows how creativity can be practiced professionally and non professionally. It is present at every place well the place where we live which is a planet, planet earth is another example of creativity. Universe was not formed in a day or two it took million of years to make things the way they look today but, for once this is creativity it is called creativity of God the formation of solar system, the planets, birth of first human, land , water and everything.

The people who are close to art and craft are often attracted by creativity, they have a 6th sense that can identify the difference quickly that a normal busy man can’t basically creative difference.

Creativity and challenge go side by side. Creativity is challenging like the works today is dynamic and things keep on changing and in this process of change our work is adapting to the changes and be progressive with the work
So, creativity is in high demand. Apart from being intelligent, humble, punctual, creativity is also considered in top priority. A creative person can come up new ideas and strategy, it’s just like writing in lesser number of words but the meaning is deep. Here creativity can solve the purpose.

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