How to Learn Video Editing

video editing

Editing is a key skill in video production that can make or break the overall quality of a video. However, editing is a relatively simple process to understand. Once you have learned the basics you’ll be able to use your new skills to significantly raise the quality of your videos. Most of all, experimentation is key to becoming a great editor, so don’t be afraid to take the road less travelled.


  1. Learning Basic Editing Techniques
  2. Acquiring Advanced Editing Techniques
  3. Choosing Ideal Software

1 Film footage to gather some practice material. Film anything and everything, as long as there’s lots of it. Don’t worry about trying to tell a story, just film your surroundings, the local park, your street, your room, or even your pet.

Most modern phones are able to shoot HD footage that is perfect for practicing your editing skills.

If you don’t have a camera handy, or just want to get started on editing, you can download video clips online to practice on.

2 Import the footage into your software. Usually editing software will have what’s called a ‘bin’, a specific place in the program to store all your raw footage.[1] This will look like a list of folders or a large blank space on the left side of the main editing screen.

If you can’t find an import button some software will allow you to drag in the file from your computer into the software.

3 Add clips to the timeline. After you have imported footage into the bins, start dragging them onto the ‘timeline’. The timeline appears as a long horizontal bar that takes up the bottom half of the editing screen.

The timeline is where the majority of the work will be done. Here, you can order, rearrange, and manipulate the footage in a variety of ways

4 Rearrange the clips on the timeline. Although the footage shot may be random, try rearranging the clips into different orders to tell different stories. To do so, click and drag the long rectangular box (that represents the video clip) back and forth.

The clips you place together can affect each other. The viewer of a video will always be thinking about the following clip in the context of the previous one.[3] When you’re watching a movie, TV show or video clip, the cut can become completely invisible if performed correctly.

5 Trim the video clips to change the pace of the video. The name of the tool varies from program to program, but generally it’s called the ‘Trim’ tool. You use this tool to trim the front or back of a clip to make it shorter or to extend it outwards. Click the very edge of a video clip in the timeline and drag it inwards and outwards. This will ‘trim’ the clip.

6 Implement transitions to make cuts more appealing. Depending on the tone of the video being made, a pre-made transition from one clip to another can give the video a breath of fresh air. Navigate to the ‘Transitions’ tab located in most editing software and drag a transition you like to the cut between two video clips.

Although transitions are fun, always be thinking about who you’re making the video for. Too many exaggerated transitions can detract from the quality of a video.

7 Export the video from the editing software to save your edits. Once you’ve finished trimming, rearranging and importing all the footage you like, it’s now time to export the video. The software collects all the edits you made of the clips and ‘encodes’ them into a friendly format.

Sometimes exporting can be intimidating due to the sheer amount of options available to you in the software. If in doubt, always export at 24 frames per second (fps) and at 1080p. This means that you’ll be able to play the final video in the media player of your choice. The quality will usually look better after the video is exported.

If you want to learn video editing then first you should understand very basics of video editing.

Then I think you should first start it with Windows movie Maker and after that goes to some other softwares. I’ll suggesting you some best softwares for video editing :—

  1. Adobe premiere pro
  2. Corel video studio
  3. Light worksFinal cut pro
  4. Sony Vegas movie studio
  5. Cinelerra
  6. Pinnacle studios
  7. iMovie
  8. Pitvi

These are the some software you must try to become a good video editor but as I said you should start with learning basics of video editing.

Some you tube channel where you can lean video editing are :—

  1. Surfaced Studios
  2. Rocketstock
  3. kaptainkristian
  4. Peter McKinnon
  5. PremiumBeat

Buddies I am not a professional editor and not also connected to this video editing feild too much. But I provided you information as best of my knowledge.