Ways to a fruitful life for teens

TEENAGE IS OFTEN DESCRIBED AS A BURNING AGE” because this period is of the uttermost importance in an individual’s life as one goes through physical , social, emotional and mental changes through this period. The transition from a child to adult is not easy. It brings with itself many sets of complications.

While 00 to 14 years are categorised under children , the age group between 15 to 24 is categorised as youths. Teenage takes the age group between 13 to 18 years i.e the individuals going through this age are treated at times as children and other times as youths. Now this is a very confusing period, not knowing sometimes when to be a child and when to be an adult. Along with the physical changes that body experiences, comes its own set of insecurities. “Puberty hits everyone differently” is a famous line, and is very true . some elongates in height some in weight, some faces skin problems while some have clear skin. Some experiences hairfall while for others it grows in a lustrous manner. The matter of dressing becomes important in this period and leads to people feeling inferior as they do not set in the standards of “fair, clear skin,lustrous hair and “good height’ categories” set up by the SOCIETY and hence starts feeling lowly of themselves.

It is also a transition from secondary to senior secondary levels to that of college. Which in turn includes more exposure to electronic devices, meeting new people , SOCIETY expecting you to behave “maturely” without actually clarifying what “maturity ” means. People move, shift places to pursue further education meet new people, come out of the protective circle of the family.

all these changes affects the mental as well as emotional development of an individual . The ones good in study lack behind because the generation gap portrays parents more as villians and friends as well wishers. In some cases, these “well wishers” turns out to be actual villians, and to keep up with the company and portray themselves as “cool” and not “old fashioned” along with the lack of maturity that is the difference between right and wrong leads people to take some wrong step whether, it be a career decision, getting addicted to something, getting in wrong relationships. It is okay to commit mistakes but what is important is to learn from them. As the time passes, the past seems distant but the baggage continues. The various changes lead to stress which in turn causes delaying food habits, getting more addicted to somethings like social media which leads to low productivity.

“I FEEL LOW TODAY” is the case with most of us. The actual reason we never know. It can be any one of the above mentioned or something else also. Here are a few tips which will help you to come out of the low phase by yourself because if you succumbed to this phase then you will loose some of the most precious years which included young hearts full of energy and passion

  1. WAKE UP EARLY– One of the major happenings in the low phase is not being able to sleep at night. No matter how late you sleep torture yourself with blazing alarms or asking your family to pour water on you to wake you up but do wake up. Go outside see the sun. It doesnt matter if you dont excercise or jog, just simple rounds while seeing the sun illuminating the sky with its glorious rays, birds flying in groups, calm atmosphere of mornings will give you HOPE that this is a new day , a new beginning. It will refresh your mind and soul which is the best start to the day.
  2. EAT HEALTHY- Do not skip your meals no matter how low you feel. Because if you do, the body will not get required amount of nutrients which will affect the normal functioning. So the body will go to the stand by mode where its priority will be the functioning if essential parts such as heart leaving behind other things. This will lead to lethargy , hairfall , acne and many more problems which in turn will make you more like a panda.
  3. MOVE SOME MUSCLES – Doesn’t matter whether you workout or not, but just some brisk walk or helping in housework using the traditional means to mop and broom the floor will make your body move and will give you energy. The body will feel light and it will increase your productivity.
  4. REDUCE YOUR SCREEN TIME– I don’t think there is any explanation needed to this point. The more you get stick to your screen more you will waste your time and more you will regret.
  5. MEDIATE- Only for five minutes but do it. it will calm your racing mind.

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