1. The speaker must love and should be genuinely passionate about his topic, if the speaker himself is not inspired by what he is speaking then it cant inspire others. So always choose the topic which you would love to speak about.

2. No one wants to hear the same boring and old stuff. People want something new, thus reveal information that’s completely new to your audience, and they will be your devoted listener.

3. Deliver jaw dropping moment in your presentation. Share something by which your audience will get surprised because that moment makes your presentation remarkable.

4. Don’t try to make your talk too long or too short that the audience cant even get what you have to say. According to the author, the ideal length of a talk should be 18 minutes. Because it forces you to say only what is important.

5. The best way to teach the heart and soul of your audience is to tell them stories, especially your own stories. Because they will only listen to what you are saying only if they feel familiar and connected to what you have to say.