A Gurukula or Gurukulam ia a type of education system in ancient India with students and disciples living near or with the Guru.The word gurukula is a combination of the Sanskrit words Guru means ‘teacher’ and Kula means ‘family’ or ‘home’.The term is also used today to refer to residential monasteries or schools operated by modern gurus.The students are more disciplined and organized.They are taught to follow a well-planned schedule in school.The students are more focused and possess more concentration power than normal students. This is because they are trained through techniques such as meditation which enhances their focusing power.

Although technology and other facilities vary according to schools, government schools generally have fewer facilities than private schools. Government schools also have a greater number of students than private students; the number of students in a class may also be drastically high due to lack of facilities. However, it is important to notice that government schools always hire highly qualified teachers; teachers must meet all state-mandated requirements and be proficient in their subject to work in a government school.

Telangana Gurukul Common Entrance Test for admissions into class 5, in Suryapet district on sunday.Parents stand outside on exmination centre as their wards appear for the test(in above picture).There is a growing demand for admissions into Gurukul schools in the state.

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