Permission to Dance

Bangtan Sonyeondan / Bangtan boys / BTS is a kpop boy group from South Korea. Permission to dance(PTD) by BTS was their third English single after Dynamite(2020) and Butter(2021) which were huge accomplishments and loved greatly by their fans. Permission to dance was released on July 9 2021, which was the day they named their fandom called “Army’s”. PTD was a present for army’s. The genre was Pop and they teamed up with Ed Sheeran for this particular single.

This Music Video was pleasingly executed and was very meaningful and worthwhile. Each member (RM, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook) showed off their individual charms and attractiveness. It is very much visible as to how each member was enjoying themselves throughout the music video.

In their MV, they make use of American sign language (ASL) to spread the message that anyone can dance and there shouldn’t be any barrier between a person and what they want to achieve. The main tagline “we don’t need permission to dance” has made use of ASL and many people all over the world, fans and non fans have found this very heartwarming. It was also very significant as there are many who could overcome their problems or sadness through this song. July is known as the disability pride month and they tried their best so that everyone could enjoy their song without being left out.

The main idea or theme of this song was to tell the viewers that we just have to be positive and try to get back to our normal routine once covid ends. It tries to portray the idea of letting go, having fun and being cautious when necessary. They mainly wanted to advocate that even though we went through these difficult times, we must be able to bring out our best selves and go back to normal when the time comes.
While watching the MV, we can see that they were were considerate and made sure to pay their respects and include those whose contributions were immaculate during these difficult times. It included people like waitresses, helpers and those who fought bravely like children and elders. BTS leader RM mentioned how they overcame the prejudice that only the members could be a part of the MV. J-hope mentioned that this particular MV was more meaningful as there were non celebrities included. The main vocalist Jimin also mentioned how out of all their music videos, this particular one made him genuinely happy.

During this pandemic, they wish to give us hope that things will go back to normal and we just need to prepare for whenever that is. The lyrics “cause it’s not over, till it’s over” is a perfect fit for this theme. They show faith in us by telling us that we’re capable of overcoming this and not letting this be a hindered in our daily lives. The line “we don’t need to worry cause when we fall, we know how to land” has comforted a lot of fans and anyone who listens to their music.

By the end of the MV, all the actors remove their masks and toss it in the air which represents the fact that this pandemic will end soon and we can finally live like our old selves and the suffering too, will end one day. Nothing lasts forever and that’s why we must try to live each day meaningfully and joyfully.

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