Me at Timmersain Mahadev , replica of Amarnath cave.

Uttarakhand , also known as “DEV BHUMI” or “the land of gods” is famous for its temples famous all around the world . yesterday only I visited a place which is attracting tourists a lot these days , that place is TIMMERSAIN MAHADEV CAVE Timmersain Mahadev is a cave of lord Shiva which is situated in Niti village of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Cave is famous as the replica of Amarnath shrine of Jammu and Kashmir. Because of it’s a natural Shivaling of snow, this place is getting popularity day by day. On the lines of Baba Amarnath Yatra, pilgrims are now travelling to Timmersain Mahadev in the Niti Valley of Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. 

Tourism Minister, Shri Satpal Maharaj said “A Shivaling is present inside the caves in Timmersain, which is located about a km before the last village in the Niti Valley of Joshimath block. The Shivaling is always anointed with the water dripping from the hills. While melting, the ice takes the shape of the Shivaling every year which is known as Barfani Baba or Timmersain Mahadev. Baba Barfani sits as a self-proclaimed Shivaling in Timmersain. Every year a Shivaling of more than 10 feet is formed here in winters. It is believed that Lord Shiva stayed at this place during Kailash Yatra. Therefore, this place is famous by the name of Sausa Mahadev. The devotees can now visit the restricted area of Niti Valley without any permission, and they can easily visit Timmersain Mahadev. 

A part from the temple , there is this beautiful valley that is “NITI VALLEY “Niti is a small village located in the Niti valley of Joshimath. Niti is the last village and outpost in Indo-Tibetan border in Chamoli district. At an height of 3600 meters, Niti is situated near southern Tibetan border. The Niti Pass located at 5800 meters connects India with Tibet. During winters, Niti village and valley is covered with heavy snow. The villagers of Niti still follow the traditional methods of lifestyle in the mountains.

You will be amazed to know that Niti village inhabitants move to lower Himalayas in the valley & resides I the alternative village because there is heavy snowfall & no one can live at that place for 6 months from November to April. After these 6 months Niti Village is again filled with inhabitants.

There are some other villages near Niti such as Gamshali, Bampa, Kailashpur, Malari, Kosha , Raini , Timmersain Mahadev, & Tapovan. The disaster which shivered the whole valley of Tapovan & Raini village on 8th of February , come in the way to Timmersain Mahadev cave .

Government of Uttarakhand is trying to get permission to open this valley for tourist & make this a famous tourist place . This place will help Uttarakhand gain employment & tourists at a very high range as Jammu & Kashmir is getting . This is my initiative to make you all know about this place , & my personal advice to you all is , you must come & visit this holy place & see Mahadev in the form of slow Shivaling.

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