How Indian Education System is getting infected due to Appraisal of Online Classes

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All our lives have been paused and shattered due to the arrival of the Covid 19 Virus which has devasted humans Globally and created tough times for every Human being who is striving to survive from this fatal disease.

It is no surprise how this deadly virus has become horrible nightwear for everyone and it provided a gift of Loss in every section of society. Globally it had provided huge losses in all types of professional fields. In these challenging times, one of the major sectors had been at a sea since a massive breakdown in the education sector due to the online classes and pandemic life.

Indian Students and unfavorable effects of Covid 19 on Education System :

 It is majorly remarked that 1.2 billion children in 186 countries have been affected by school closures due to the epidemic of the Covid Virus. There is no doubt that E-Learning platforms have gained wide recognition in such time and the importance of technology in the world of humans has portrayed that human needs Technology to survive in such tough times.

As per in the field of Education sector it is noticed that India has around 320 Million learners who had shifted to E-Learning since the nation closure. Living in the era where E-Learning has become a prominent part of every student’s life, has also shown how difficult it has become for both students and teachers in India.

Since India is still a developing country, there are several drawbacks that Indians are facing in this Contemporary Epidemic. The situation of the education system is worse than the deadly disease which is slaughtering human communities.

India being the world’s 2nd largest school system, after China, has certain factors which are weakening the academic life of students, among these factors, there are several factors:  

  1. Lack of  Sufficient Network Ability: As looking into the current situation, Internet consumption has been a major necessary element in a pandemic life. Everyone coming from all sorts of backgrounds and fields needs network connectivity for their respective purpose to fulfil.

The youngsters significantly need network broadband for their daily online classes and as a student network has become a mandatory part to get educated in the present condition. But sadly the scenario of Rural Indian households is much worsening as we get to observe that fewer than 15%, have Internet access ( as opposed to 42% of Urban Indian households).

  • Gender Barrier is still a Hindrance: This might be an unreal fact to process for many people, but rural Indian household is still not developed in gender equality and educating there children especially when it comes to the girl child. 8.5% of Females use the Internet in Rural India and suffer from the obstacle of getting education because either due to unavailability of network or due to prioritizing male child teachings. Hence, there has been more number of dropouts of children from the online education system.
  • Online System – A major obstacle for the older generations :

In our education system, not only students are suffering from the inconvenience set by the online classes, but it is also the teacher community that is in a state of perplexing when it comes to the usage of technology.

There are times when technology made our elder generations uncomfortable because it is something new for them to learn. In this instance, many teachers leave their jobs due to the uncomfortable environment set by the online classes.

So we can say that online classes are somewhere a curse for everyone in the education system.

Future Generation striving with the adversity:   

Though the times are tough for everyone, as a human we should have the enduring capacity to work on our weakness.

Prominently, the youngsters, who would be the future minds must keep this as a note that, as millennial generations, we have many opportunities to turn the curse into a blessing and provide inspiration for many people globally.

As students, we can create an environment a comfortable zone for the teachers and our elders by making them aware of technology, and that we will be some minute steps which can make our country a developed country and not developing.