Distorted history,lead to identity crises!

“A generation which ignores history has no past and no future.”

Robert Heinlein

History plays important role in making of nation.even if its culture,economy,traditions,values,education or public mindset.All happening in present is reflection of past “karma’. So to transfer real history to next generation is job of any society.it is because What happening in past is seen only by our elder not by ours,so it is necessary that the truth and fact based history must carried forward,otherwise it will lead to creating chaos in society.

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The Case of India

In case of India the history what we read currently is seems not only distorted but its also use an tool of propaganda by some “Fictional Historian” who in daylight are something else.In our history books we only read and read about “Delhi sultanate or Mughal Empire” but we don’t know about that, Rana Hammir singh capture the Delhi sultan Mohammed bin tughlaq and imprisoned him 3 months.do you ever read that Cholas have biggest naval power at that time in world ? Do you ever think how we made massive monolithic architectures in world at that time without using any machinary ? do the present historian think about repercussions of unreal or half truth of history on society ? No, they not think like that because they were manipulated by some mischieves masters who really not think about the nation future.What india currently face.The divide between Hindu-Muslim,Aryan-Dravidian,Brahmins-Non-Brahmins..it’ll lead us nowhere,we must put history through inclusive mind not through our exclusivity,the represention of all in our history programmes not only gave pride but also strengthen our social order.

The importance of Miedeval india not more than the Ancient one,what we see today in our daily society is come from ancient world.India is first in world where Indus valley civillisation ( IVC ) use bricks in proper ratio,have drainage system,pattern in roads etc.The importance of India is grow more when we knows that india specially “Sanatan”Sanskriti is last ancient civillistion on face of Earth,so it is our duty to protect its valuable wisdom,tradition from distortion of West and waste historians.

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“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Remember always whosoever try to distort history or past,the future will show no mercy on them.

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