Big Data and Social Media

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Living in an internet governed world with a pandemic hanging over our heads, all of our work has gone online. With thousands of texts, e-mails, pictures, videos, receipts, searches, video-calls and so much more sent daily, we are now generating an incredible 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. With 1 quintillion having 18 zeroes, that’s quite a lot of data and it is very difficult for traditional computing systems to handle. This ever-increasing amount of data is known as BIG DATA.
With facebook, instagram, telegram, twitter, sharechat and so many more social media applications coming up and the rising number of social media users with a single user having accounts across multiple social media apps, the amount of big data is increasing and the impact of big data on social media is undeniable. 

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When-ever you input any data in any social media platform, whether sending a message to your friend discussing about a new car that was recently launched, or making a check-in at a hotel, it gets stored in the form of big data. Various commercial websites let you sign up using your social media accounts asking you to let them access your data. Now, this big data is used by these platforms to suggest you the various products you have either searched or mentioned.
All of our activities spread over these platforms provide for a very reliable source of market study as it is dynamic and changes quickly with the change in demand of consumers. It helps producers keep a track of the consumers’ requirements and initiate necessary changes to meet them.
The big data available help marketers target a specific audience according to their interests, age, gender, education, etc. Various surveys conducted across various social media platforms that appear as per your preferences, requesting information about the products- whether you like it, ways to improve the product or what brand you prefer that makes getting reviews and improving products easier. 
Big data helps analyze what is the trending topic among the mass during some period of time. It helps influencers use it to their benefit to steer public opinions in support of or against various personalities, especially political personalities.
When such amount of our personal data is stored somewhere, that is accessible by others, even after we are, a lot of time, unwilling to share it, it is a significant threat to our privacy. Although, various social media platforms are now trying and so is our government to protect our sensitive data from breach.

That being said, if used judiciously, big data will be a boon owing to its benefits of ease in the field of marketing and research, as the world is increasingly moving online with 59.5 percent of the world population being active internet users as of January, 2021. So, if our sensitive data is protected, or rather, made volatile, big data will definitely continue to revolutionize the world of social media, marketing and research as it does today but without the public worry of data leaks.

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