“Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.”

Friends and friendship cannot be defined in words. It is the soulful attachment between individuals. Friends are persons who are very close to one’s heart. They are the only souls who expect nothing and don’t do something for a sake. There are no responsibilities, commitments, ego, and rules between friends. Endless gossips, sharing and caring, silly fights, memories, and trust, loyalty, love without expectation is what is present between true friends. There are no formalities and awkwardness in friendship. It is a pure bond that can never be forgotten but will be cherished forever. The relationship that brings joy and tears at the same time is friendship next to motherhood. In fact, it is as divine as motherhood. This special thing about this companionship is that there is no privacy or secrets between friends. One can never keep a secret between friends how hard they try as friends can always find that. It is such a transparent and lucid bond where the person can share every little thing without hesitation even if it is not worthy of sharing. 

Friendship is being there for each other anytime. The understanding in this relationship cannot be compared with other relationships. We don’t need to explain something to make them understand. They can automatically understand it from our eyes and behaviour. Even if we are not close to each other, it is a soul-to-soul link that remains forever and keeps us connected. No distance could weaken the strength of friendship. There is no need for daily calls or meets to sustain a true friendship. It indeed doesn’t vanish at any cost. No matter how long we didn’t meet them or we meet them after so long, the bond doesn’t even change a bit. We will always feel the same warmth and comfort that we share with each other. We may be far apart in distance but never in heart. 

Friends are God’s gift to us. They give the sweet memories that we rejoice throughout our lives. We must feel blessed and lucky to have a true friend. We always have their unconditional support in everything whether it is right or wrong. They guide us when we choose the wrong path but will never leave us alone. They are the only creatures who will be ready to listen to our 2 AM tantrums. Even if our family fails to support us, friends never leave us unattended. They are lifetime companions who are born to love as well as torture us. From showing unlimited love and care to making the worst mockery out of us, friends always have our back. They will be with us even if the universe is against us. God thought that he couldn’t be with everyone all the time. So, he sent our friends to be with us forever. Also, as we couldn’t choose our family, God gave all of us the opportunity to find and make our own close circle. We made use of the best opportunity in our lives to choose our friends and made them our family.

“There are friends, there is family, and there are friends that become family.”