Youtube brings to us content ranging from varied fields. From stand-up comedies to mini web series, we have wide-ranging content to choose from. One category of content that we must have encountered at least once is that of motivational videos. Videos that encourage us to do better, start from scratch or get rid of bad habits.
While we live in an era where a lot of distractions exist, it is important to keep ourselves on track to living life in an orderly way and achieve our dreams. For this, we often resort to videos to keep ourselves motivated or try seeking validation from other people.
This we do when we feel low and need the motivation to work. But one thing that we must have observed is that the external motivation that we receive does not last long. You may get all boosted up after watching one of the many Youtube videos available, but after a couple of hours or a day later, the zeal disappears.
All of us are talented and unique in some way or the other. Many of us even have a clear aim in life. Someone might want to become a footballer and might be having the requirements for the same, but at the same time, he might not be dedicated enough for the long hours of training and grind. This makes him lose hope in life. But what exactly is stopping him or what can be done to curb this?
The real motivation that stays for long is the one that comes from within. For that to happen, the real purpose of the goal is to be understood and it must be realized that why the goal matters in the first place.
For example, a person who is not very well of has a meager source of income and knows that he has to be the breadwinner of the family and the only way for this is to study hard and gain some reputed position in society. This can act as a motivation for the person to achieve his goal of providing his family with all adequate commodities of life.
A solid reason to fulfill the purpose in life is required for a person to work with grit determination.
Another example can be of a person who lost his repute at a global level in a particular sport. He knows that gaining the repute back will require a solid comeback, but he may not be willing to do so due to a lack of motivation. The only way he will be able to achieve the purpose will be by realizing the importance of the reputation he once had. It is the inner motivation to gain it back that will drive him to make a comeback in the sport.
It is nowhere said that youtube videos or experts’ guidance is not appropriate. But it constitutes a small proportion of the motivation. The real motivation comes from within. Self-motivation is important and best. Hope you give yourself some boost and achieve what you desire.
Good luck!

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