Funny Science events.

When we study about science is mot about the invention and discoveries by the greatest scientist and their way of getting those results, but there are some invention which accidental come out

  1. Carlos Jared was doing his fieldwork in the jungles of Brazil, when he picked up a harmless-looking frog, the frog twisted and thrashed butting his head with Jared’s hand, for the next five hours he was in agony than when he discovered that frogs can be venomous.
  2. the stone which used to produce blueprint was expensive than gold, but humans used to manufacture it whose outcomes used to poisonous, expensive or impermanent or all of them.
    In Oregon State university Mas Subramanian was working on material with novel magnetic properties to use in advanced computer hard drives, he would mix up likely chemicals and bake them at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit in a furnace, while he added manganese oxide to a recipe, he got a pile of a bright blue powder, which was nontoxic and stable, it reflects infrared radiation useful for coloring building.
  3. Nate Cira, an undergraduate was looking under a microscope at food coloring when she felt something odd, two drops of different colors seemed to dance, she refers it to her adviser Manu Prakash at Stanford University, they both spend three years to find the mystery ultimately they camp up ith the outcome the dance was for two reasons surface tension and evaporation, both the men and along with Adrien Benusiglio came up that this phenomenon used to create autonomic Liquid machines.
  4. At Dalhousie university a biologist Shelley Adamo was studying crickets like how they respond to crickets and how to stress out them.
    One of her student brought Bearded Dragons, which she brought them to scare crickets, one of the lizards had a virus that infected the crickets but the funny thing was that that virus didn’t make them sick but it made them very interested in mating, later she calls the virus a parasitic aphrodisiac, a virus that boosts an animal‘s sexual desire, increasing its transmission.

Those were some accidental events leads to some discoveries but what if that those events did not happen maybe we were still looking for it or we may not be aware
of till today.

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