What is the importance of birds in our life?

We all have many memories with birds in our life. We have been listening to his voice since childhood We used to be happy to hear that sweet voice of his. Birds have importance in the life of all of us, have a role. which we know.

can we see our nature, environment this world without birds?

birds play an essential role in the functioning of the world’s ecosystems.in a that directly impacts human health , economy and food production—as well as millions of other species.it might be a little extreme to say that we’d be wading knee-deep in invertebrates if birds disappeared but may be not extreme, But truth be told, there would be no world without birds because in our environment like flowers, trees, food is needed In the same way, birds are complement our nature. A recent study has shown that birds eat 400-500 million tons of insects a year.in china, two-thirds of the diet of house swift Apus nipalensis consists of agricultural pests, and in forests across the Americas. when we think pollinators, bees and butterflies flutter to mind but bird pollinators such as hummingbirds and honeyeaters also make a big contribution in South Africa, for instance, nearly a quarter of salvia species are bird-pollinated. such flowers are lacking in scent, birds favour sight over smell.their role as pollinators benefits us directly-around 5% of the plants humans use for food or medicine are pollinated by birds. And when they disappears, the results can be drastic: 31 species of Hawaiian bellflowers appear to have gone extinct along with the birds that pollinated them. The sight of vultures circling overhead may look foreboding, but it is both their speed of arrival(typically within an hour of death) and their thoroughness that makes them so valuable.it could be days before other less efficient scavengers, such as feral dogs or rats, arrive to pick at the remains, allowing deadly diseases such as rabies and tuber colossi to develop and spread.

There are many species of birds, according to scientists, between 9000 and 10,000 species of birds have been described. There are about 18000 species of birds. Altogether 50 billion i.e. 5000 crore birds live on earth. But there are only four species that make up the bulk of this entire population. Birds are similar in appearance to each other or may have been born from a differential infection but in reality their species are different.

Birds are the ones that give real music sound to our nation. Birds are very beautiful, I can’t even imagine seeing this world without them, when I wake up in the morning, their voice sounds so good. Like today is going to be a good day .

His voice all around in the atmosphere, the whole sky gives a sound to everyone that the sky is full, because of their presence, it is very nice to have birds everywhere But now all this is happening I don’t know why the importance of birds is decreasing, but we all have this very important responsibility. That we should keep the birds safe, they should protect them, we should do all that is necessary for their life.

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