Before 2020, the world was normal and happy. At the end of 2019 and in the beginning of 2020, the most dangerous virus emerged worldwide named as covid-19.
It's a kind of virus with symptoms of normal fever, cold, cough and headache. On the surface, they seem to be so normal. However, their impacts are so severe. It's a life taking virus which damages the lungs, causes breathing problems and degrades the immune system.
The very first case of this virus in the world was found in Wuhan city of China. As it is a virus and thus transmits from one body to another through air.
The first wave was very harsh. In order to control the spread of virus and save the lives of people, most of the countries decided to put a lockdown nationwide. People were suggested to wear masks if for essential things they need to go out. Social distancing was preferred for safety.
Coronavirus is a unique and new virus found on the earth. There was no treatment available to contain its spread. It's a virus which cannot be killed, one can only make it effortless by being vaccinated against it, as of polio and other deadly viruses.
India too faced this phase of coronavirus and implemented a lockdown. The first wave for India was not very severe. There were few cases in the month of March 2020, and lockdown was imposed.
Lockdown was the only solution. Restriction on people gathering was the only solution until a vaccine was being developed by the various nations. Entire world was struggling to make a vaccine. India was also doing the same.
In India, after December 2020, when vaccination was about to be released to people, India faced its worst ever wave of coronavirus in the months of March - May 2021.
Thousands of people lost their lives. India was unable to manage the supply of oxygen for the people suffering from the virus. Hospitals did not have beds for the treatment of people. Hospitals refused to admit people. Many people lost their family members and loved ones. One by one, a member of the family was going into the death's mouth due to this virus.
It became hard for India to manage the situation. To save people during the first lockdown India became critical. It faced so much economic loss. GDP fell, and the development of the nation almost stopped. Many people lost their jobs. Hence this time it was very difficult to impose a lockdown again. India has to manage its economy and boost it up again.
Anyhow India managed and coped up with the second wave of virus and by that time vaccines were also available in the country. The government announced that people will be vaccinated.
Earlier the government announced that people of old age i.e above 45 will be getting vaccinated for free. One has to do online registration and can get vaccines in any part of the country.
People of old age in India are less in number and hence vaccination was done smoothly for this age group. Both the doses.
From May 1 2021, India announced a vaccination program for people above 18 years old . 70% of India’s population is young. In the beginning, it was easy to get vaccination in both urban and rural areas with the help of online registration.
In the month of June, one day PM Modi addressed the nation and announced that people will get vaccination without registration in various health camps for free of cost and that's where the problem arose.
The number of people being vaccinated was huge and the number of doses was so low. People stood in long queues for getting vaccinations.
Hardly 2-3 camps were established by the government in the nearby area. Places allotted for vaccination did not receive any vaccine. One who wanted to get a vaccine had to run door to door searching for camps and vaccines.
Even if they reached the camp they had to stand in the long queue. When their turn came, the vaccine was out of stock. The person again has to wait for the next day. Entire day goes to waste.
Poor people who earn daily wages and don't have knowledge of technology and are unable to do registration have to wait long and waste their day on a daily basis. How hard it would be for them to be vaccinated. Though several NGOs and organizations worked and are still working to help this section of people.
Fraud is in the blood of some people, specifically if we talk about Indians, at the time when people were fighting between life and death due to viruses, many people did black marketing of vaccine doses and injections. Hospital charges in lakhs for admitting the patient. People sold water filling in vaccine tubes. How can someone do business and play with someone's life at the time when each and every person was struggling in one or other way.
Spreading rumours is another problem of Indian society. People said that after taking vaccine doses a person can die, he/she can lose his eyes, his/her nervous system can get damaged and many more.
Even literate people were thinking the same and were not ready to get vaccinations. Many people who are illiterate and are from remote areas started beating and throwing stones towards nurses and doctors who went to vaccinate them.
People jump in well, hide inside the houses, harm the health workers because they feel vaccination will take away the life of themselves and their children. Still there are many who think the same and still aren't vaccinated.
On an average, we see India faced so many problems and is still facing the problem of being vaccinated, but still it is moving towards success in this campaign. People are getting vaccinated. Problems are still coming in the path but as so many people are already done with their first dose it has now again begun to run smoothly. Let's hope that this goes on.
Vaccination is one of the best solutions to fight this virus. It's very important for everyone to get vaccinated for their own and other's health and safety. Hence this program should continue without any barrier and that's the main responsibility of the government.

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