Things we never notice in our LIFE

It was 7:30 in the morning, and I heard someone singing “Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear”. I opened my eyes and it was my dad who came to wish me as it was my 20th birthday and like every year he came to wake me up singing happy birthday songs for me. Like every year, this year too I went to the temple together with my mom and dad. That night my mom made my favourite dinner for me and all of a sudden, I realised I turned 20 this year. I am getting older and along with me my mom & dad too.

In the morning when we were going to the temple, we hadn’t completed the half steps but they were out of breath and worned out. Mom’s legs hurt while doing the chores or while making dinner for us. Dad can’t read newspaper without spects now. They get tired very soon and the only reason is because they’re growing old. There is one rule in our house: to at least have one meal a day together. Ever since I was a kid we had our dinner together but that day it was quite different, the vibes were different and the thought that my parents are getting older was scary as hell. I just wanted to live my whole life with my parents happily, I don’t want them to grow older. Besides,on the other hand I was happy that now I can take all their responsibilities and let them live the remaining years peacefully. As, this is what I wished for ever since I was a kid. But back then I never imagined that someday, someday they’ll leave too, just like the others. Now after realizing this I really don’t want them to grow up and neither do I want to grow up, I just want my childhood back and want to live a happy life with my parents forever and ever.
There are times they act cold, yell at me for no reason and won’t allow me to do what I want to that time I really wants to live my life on my own ways and want to runaway far from home, far from them, where no one knows me, know one going to judge me, no one will yell at me, no one will have to right to take my life decisions but me, and no one will stop me, will nag me from doing what I want to do.
But that is not life. We always need someone to scold us when we do something wrong, to nag us. Someone who will comfort us on our lowest and be our supporters at the highest points, someone who’ll love us more than they love themselves and trust me parents are the only ones who love their children more than they love themselves and no one can match their love. Sometimes they may be dominating but that’s because they love you and they are worried about you. Even if you are 50- 60 years old, for them you are still the same, the baby, who cries on small things. That day I really felt like yesterday it was my first day at school & I was crying cause I didn’t want to leave my mom. The feeling was something we never thought about. We are just getting older and busy with our studies, career and job that we never think about our parents. We have become so busy in our lives that we don’t have time for our parents.
Now after realizing this I really don’t want to grow up, I just want to live my life with them. But I can’t. It is the rule of the world, that everyone grows and evolves and leaves this planet some or the other day. It’s like we are all here for each other to support, to talk, to love but then we’ll not be in each other’s lives forever anyway.

We are just here as supporting characters to each other’s main character lives and we’ll leave after seeing them grow/ evolve at our own specific times and we never notice that, like billions of times we eat with them, we watch them from beginning but never notice when they grow up. Time really flies and after this day every single second it will remind me that they are getting older and that one day they’ll leave us behind.