Say No To Dowry Death

Dowry death is a major problem faced by the women in our country. It is a death of married women by her husband or her in law families because of the extortion of gifts. It refers to death of women with the cause of burn or any injury in the body within seven years of marriage and before her death she is subjected to lot of harassment and merciless acts by her spouse or her family members. The report suggest that every day twenty women die due to the harassment they face because of dowry death it may be either murder or are forced to commit suicide. It’s a phenomenon which indicates the death of a young married woman due to dowry after facing all the harassment and abuse. Since 1980s such ill activities are followed. The first case came into the eye of media where a young brides being burned to death.

In the women movement during the time of post-independence the key issue was the ‘bride burning’. Marital violence is a ‘cultural crime’ which is practiced in India. During the time of marriage a ritual is followed where gifts in the form of property, cash and goods are offered from the bride’s side to the bridegroom and his family, such ill practices are followed with the name of custom and is called dowry. The practice of such ill activities is now followed by almost every community and caste. The occurrence of such custom is just because of our patriarchal society that prefers men much more superior than women. Boys are given the prevailage of rate card which is an unofficial price the male members of the society are worth. This worth is measured by the dowry provided to them on their marriage. We say that we all are equal but at many places strong inequality is followed where the bride’s family is constantly pressured to full fill all the demands of the groom’s family and in return they accept their daughter. The dowry system is deeply connected to our Indian Culture and thus remains satisfactory and unchangeable in the society. We all know that dowry taking is a crime but we ignore this fact and as a result dowry death occurs. Even educated people practice such ill customs because we are afraid to go against and challenge our society and its traditions. The result of our custom and tradition is dowry death which has till now taken many lives. In this ill tradition members of the groom side have given much advantage and are considered superior. In case the women and her family is unable to full fill the desires and needs of the groom then the bride is tortured and harassed.

 Dowry death is the bitter realities which every next upcoming bride is afraid off and due to this customs daughter are considered inferior than man and a burden for whole family. As a result, families store the wealth rather than investing it on the daughter’s education or they certainly kill the baby inside the mother’s womb. Dowry death is a great offence and there should be strict rules plus regulation for it. The one who practice such ill acts in the name of tradition shall be given strict punishment.

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