Many people misunderstand the YOGA considering it with just as a stretching exercise specially those who are unaware of the concept of yoga and its benefits. The importance of yoga asana can only understand when it is done practically and regularly. Yoga lessens mental fatigue and emotional disorder and makes you feel refreshed.

Goodness of yoga on health.

Practicing yoga daily has great emotional and physical impacts. Beside this it helps to grow body strength as well as flexibility. It also aids anxiety, depression, and stress.

Keep on reading to understand the significance of practising yoga daily which are even confirmed by scientist.  

Helps to attain peace

Better quality life minus the unnecessary stress that we all wish to attain. Scientific studies have proven that doing continue yoga for three months can actually reduce discharge the stress hormones. Doing meditation with breathing leads to achieve unmatched calmness and peace in your mind.

Assist from anxiety

Managing with anxiety daily can be exhausting. Many people who discovered anxiety disorder in them claimed that how regularly practicing certain yoga poses have diminished the symptoms of anxiety which were difficult to heal. The “Camel Pose” boosts blood circulation in the body which rejuvenate body and mind. “Bridge Pose” calms the mind where as the “Butterfly Pose” frees tension heads.

Improves sleep

Practicing yoga daily relax mind as well as reduces stress which leads to better sleep. It also upgrades sleeping pattern. People who practice yoga daily can see circadian rhythm stabilize.

Boost immunity

Yoga cures and improves every cell of body also helps your body to become more immune. Yoga stimulates lymphatic system which drains out bane. It enhances immunity system to work flawlessly.

Reduces blood pressure

Irregular lifestyle and stress in city life leads to high blood pressure. Hence doing yoga daily reduces high blood pressure. Breathing exercise helps to control blood pressure and eliminate high stress level. Good blood circulation enhances good functioning of heart. Improvement in blood flow increase oxygen level thus lower the blood pressure.

When you should avoid doing yoga.

Doing yoga regularly is considered good for well being however there are some circumstances you should avoid doing yoga :

When you are totally exhausted or feeling ill.

Women must skip doing yoga during their mensuration period.

One should avoid yoga asana when you are suffering from back pain or undergone with any surgery.

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