How can online learning influences the education of a Student?

When the world has witnessed one of the most infectious diseases spreading around the globe that affects not only the physical health but also the mental health of people. It was really difficult for any educational institutions, schools, or a college to manage classes physically, But 21st-century technology made it easier and helped institutions with their breathtaking software to conduct online classes and tests.

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How online education is a new way of learning?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were people who used to study on E-platforms, but not often, there were people who didn’t go to school and studied at home. Technology made a click away to explore and learn anything a student wanted to. Now one can carry their textbooks in their pocket, one can meet up anyone face to face on a software, just a click away and one can do learn anything from the internet. After school closed as a result of the pandemic, about 1.8 billion students from 186 different countries, their education was affected, but again technology did not want the student’s life to be ruined by the physical closure of schools. 

Future of Online Education

As per some scholars and economists, it’s highly believed that the overall market for online learning can be up to US $350 Billion in 2025 or more. Parents and students now don’t have to spend extra charges for classrooms, Electricity, or for any other activities that the school asks the students to pay. Parents who used to worry about their kids in school about their bullying, consuming drugs or any other harmful activities now are totally diminished. Now parents can witness their kid’s education during their online classes. Students now can easily study as well as can upgrade their extra skills through e-learning. Many students nowadays do internships, do extra courses, learn new things as well as the technology. Now a 8 year old student knows how to operate a mobile phone or a PC. Some believe that in future online education would be easily available and students don’t have to pay more for their education. “I believe that the integration of information technology in education will be further accelerated and that online education will eventually become an integral component of school education,“ says Wang Tao, Vice President of Tencent Cloud and Vice President of Tencent Education.

As Online education can also put the students in a bad or harmful influence, there are people who don’t want the online education as a major medium of learning.

Reasons why online education can be a harmful influence for the students?

  • Nowadays, most of the school or college students don’t study and cheat on their online exams or tests. It can be a really bad impact on their future and can be the core reason for the lack of their knowledge.
  • The daily and often use of electronic devices can make a person sick and hits their mental health in a really bad way.
  • Students are well aware of the technology and now are highly active on social media networks and making online friends. One can be good, but there are high number of chances to meet a fraud one. Those frauds assault the kids and ask them to do things which a kid didn’t want to.
  • Nowadays students as well as the adults store their personal information on their electronic devices and one don’t know that there are people on the internet named as hackers, who often used to steal the random people information from their cloud and upload them in the Dark web. There is a high number of chances of a kid or high school student could be one of the victims of online frauds and assault.

Reasons why online education can be a good influence for the students?

  • Firstly, the online education can be done in massive numbers at a time, which in physical classes were not possible. A student can know a number of different answers to a same question which is really helpful for a kid to understand that how an answer could be framed for a question.
  • Question answers from textbooks were limited, but in online education one can know more about a question through exploring it on the internet.
  • Technology is our future generation and learning about it since childhood could be an advantage for a student in their future.
  • In a traditional way of learning, one has to stick by a particular teacher and had to adapt their teaching style, but in online education a student can get through a number of teachers and can stick with the one they liked the most.

Disadvantages of Online education

Schools, Colleges are one of the best moments one could live in and online education can totally dismiss it. The other activities in schools like Upgrading leadership qualities through school/college competitions, Outdoor games for physical health of a student, and more things which a student learns through offline education are not possible through online education. The major and the core problem is, not every student or kid have mobile phones or PC and the access to the internet. They all were dependent on government schools, offline classes and free books from the school for their education. Poor family conditions, Bad environment, Poor Electronic facilities could be reason in the future for a student who might lose their interest in their education through E-Learning.

In the end, the conclusion of learning through online education has more disadvantages than their benefits.