Science and Technology have now become crucial parts of our life and our life has many luxuries and we are able to utilize them because of science and technology. It has helped us to do all these in short time because of the advancement in science and technology. Every day new technologies get introduced in the field of science and technology which makes human life easier and comfortable. And now it is difficult to imagine our loves without science and technology. Because of this we are now living in modern civilization and our evolution has occurred. This development in the field of Science and Technology is present in every aspect of our life and has great contributions in it.

There have been many new inventions in the field of Science and Technology which has changed the overall perspective of humans towards life and helps in modernizing the human civilization. Hence, people get the chance to enjoy the lives more comfortably and make it more pleasurable. In other days, humans now have a simple life because of science and technology. It has now expanded its wings into the fields of medical, education, manufacturing and many other areas.


Science is the consists of systematic study of the behavior and structure of physical and natural world through observation, experiment and technology with the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. And Like everything, Science also has a journey and it has long lasting impact on the humans. Science has large contributions in the evolution of human.


“Technology” is the application of this scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Thee mobile, laptop etc. have now become the essential parts of our life and make use of connectivity or communication or smart technology for doing our activities. From the machines used in industries to the robots created, all fall under technological invention. So, in simpler words we can say that technology has made our lives comfortable.

Science and Technology: India

Ever since British rule, India was famous for many things and after gaining independence, science and technology, played a great role in shaping the present and future of India. Now, it has emerged as an essential source of creative and scientific developments all over the worlds. All these advancements have led to the improvement of Indian economy and assisted development in various fields including Space Technology, Mathematics, Space Technology and many more. Some of the prominent examples of these developments are railway system, smart phones etc. Such advancements only helped in launching Chadrayaan 2 and helped India earn critical acclaim from all over the world.

In conclusion, we must admit that science and technology have led human civilization to achieve perfection in living. However, we must utilize everything in wise perspectives and to limited extents. Misuse of science and technology can produce harmful consequences. Therefore, we must monitor the use and be wise in our actions.

Advancement in science and technology has changed the modern culture and the way we live our daily life.