Come, Join me!!


Come, join me on the path of this river as it begins its journey from the mountain top, travels through the various stages and merges with the sea meeting its end, or is it the beginning of its new life in a new form? Well, it is debatable and a lot about perspective but what stands true is the fact that it goes through various stages, experiences several changes- in itself, in its surroundings and is itself the cause of soo many.

So, come let us join the river in its life course.

The river originates from the mountain top, from the glaciers. This river then travels down the slope, young and full of energy, erosion being its prime activity(vertical corrasion). It, thus, cuts deep through the valley forming gorges and canyons. It is young and naive and arrogant, believes it can do anything. On the way, it meets some hard rocks. They are strong and experienced and do not budge. But the river is adamant and so travels above them, forming rapids and cataracts. It, now, reaches the end of the mountain and has to plunge through a great height. The height could have been the result of the relatives of the above hard rock, who were persistent even when everything else surrounding them was destroyed or it could have been due to the cracks formed between the two plates of the earth, who had seen a lot together but knew it was time to let go or it might have very well been the end of the plateau the river was traversing: maybe, it was time for a new beginning. The river, hence, formed a waterfall, diving towards its new life.

The river has now reached the middle course. It has now lost a lot of its energy, but fairly traded it for wisdom. It again meets the same hard rocks. But now the river knows engaging with them is aa wastage of its energy. And so, it changes its path, curving every time it encounters one. Here, it forms a meander. During the formation of a meander, according to its requirements, it erodes the mud of the outer bank to make space for the water, forming a steep river cliff. It also ends up depositing the mud in its inner bank and mid stream when its needs for space are met. Though, on its path it meets several one of its relatives and some new additions to its family(the tributaries) and has to make space for them(horizontal corrasion). The life here is good. But the river cannot go on this way forever. It has entered the plains and its energy is draining. It has to meet the ocean.

And so , the river now enters its lower course. It, in the beginning, leaves behind the most accommodating waters (forming the ox-bow lake). After all, the world, today, is not a place for the easily bending ones. The river now bears the burden accumulated throughout its life, it sediments. It cannot travel any further carrying the burden. Thus, the river, starts renouncing the burden on its final path. The more silt it deposits, the lighter it feels an the easier it gets to travel. The friends and companions it had accumulated throughout its life, all one-by-one leave it. They will meet again in the sea, but for now each of them has their own journey to make (here, they form a delta).

And this marks the end of life of the river. But, its water is now part of the sea. There, it experiences new challenges in a new place and in a new form.