Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju

Born as Angad Gummaraju, Trinetra grew up always feeling alienated from her own body and plagued by society’s norms of gender identity. Having faced immense scrutiny and provocation from both society and her peers over the years for being different, finally, at the age of 20 she made the brave decision to come out as queer. 

She put up a post on Facebook that read ‘Call Me Trinetra’, officially coming out as a woman, and it was from here on that her journey of self-love and self-discovery became inconceivably more difficult. The ensuing onslaught of harassment, judgement was nothing like she’d ever experienced in her life, because this time, she wasn’t the confused and unsure teenager anymore, this time, she was the self-assured, informed and more confident version of herself. 

Since then, her openness about her gender identity made her the lightning rod for a lot of slander, transphobia and hate. But that didn’t stop her from chasing her dreams, she channelized her anguish into her studies and decided to go to med school. Being a med student exposed her to another plethora of challenges, from being thrown out of a lecture for wearing a nose pin, to not being allotted a room in the girl’s hostel because she didn’t have the ‘organs’ for it. It soon made her understand that the very flag-bearers of the field she pursued suffered from transphobia. 

She is now a YouTube vlogger who has been consistently documenting her transition journey on her channel ‘The Trinetra Method’. She underwent a gender confirmation surgery (GCS) abroad in February last year, after which she adopted the name Trinetra after the goddess Kali. Presently a surgical intern at KMC Manipal, and a well-known social-media figure, Dr Trinetra isn’t just a beacon of hope for others like her, she’s also an inspiration to anyone seeking to find happiness and self-love. Her once arduous but now buoyant journey warrants no emotion short of admiration and respect. 

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