How to manage time.

Time management is an art rather skill that is not easy for everyone. Often, we spend our entire time after college work or office work and it became difficult for us to take out time for our family. Time is very necessary for strengthening the bond that we often take for granted. Everyone is having a busy schedule these days especially because of online classes or work from home situations, but some manage time quite well and manages everything and have a balanced life, while others stay pretty engaged in their official work only that makes the situation stressful.

“Time management” refers to the way that you organize and plan how long you spend on specific activities. Failing to manage your time effectively can have some very undesirable consequences. Being conscious of time will result in self-improvement and goal achievement.

Here are some ways to manage time effectively.

  • Have a to-do list : Having a list is always a time saver. If you have a list, you’ll never have to wonder what’s on the daily agenda or what to do next. Indeed, a list keeps you focused and motivated, focused on feeling that sweet satisfaction every time you tick off a task from your list. Lists also let you see – and monitor – your progress. Even if you’re surrounded by distractions, your list will keep you on the right track.
  • Plan Ahead : Planning ahead is a critical part of time management. Ideally, you should plan ahead for the week or at least the day before. When you know exactly what needs to get done for the day or week, you’ll stay organised and focused. You can break tasks across days to see, in advance, how much time is needed to complete a project. Even spending just a few minutes planning ahead can transform how you work.
  • Be Decisive : Decide each day what the goals are by order of importance and stick to them. If you work in a shared office, avoid unnecessary conversations until you’ve done your task. Don’t get stuck on long telephone calls when you have a deadline looming and write short, polite responses to emails to keep lines of communication open.
  • Stay focused : Try not to let distraction get the better of you. Staying focussed on the particular job at hand is key to your success as a small business start-up. Try staying focused for short amounts of time, say 20 minutes at a go, and then have a short break before diving in again. Being mindful of how long you have to spend per task will help ensure you stay within your timeframe.

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