Teachers Day

A Teacher is someone who acts as a guide and inspiration to people – both young and old. He/she is charged with the responsibility of creating awareness as well as opening the mind of people by instilling values, morals, and ethics. Teachers efforts are recognized during the teacher’s day. They shape minds, and we annually celebrate their contribution to the development of society in the form of Teachers’ day across the world. However, We celebrate The International Teachers Day on October 5th annually.

Teachers’ Day in India

Teachers are respected and honored for their important contribution in shaping individuals. 5th of September is annually celebrated as Teachers’ day in India. This is actually the birthday of the former President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

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Teachers play an important role in the development of any country. This is why it is vital to set aside a day when the teachers are given the recognition they deserve. We celebrate Teachers’ day to honor the contribution of Teachers in our lives. Duties undertaken by teachers in the upbringing of children is immense and thus being recognized with teachers’ day is a step towards recognizing the profession and the role they play in society.

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