What to expect from an Internship

1. Networking

One of the most rewarding takeaways from internship is definitely Networking. It helps build professional relationship right at beginning of your professional career. Networking during an internship is really important for your career growth and social life. The power of relationships can provide you with professional opportunities in the future that you would never dreamed of. It will help you to hear tips and gain advice from others who are successful. There are so many advantage of networking, it will definitely help you to build a great future. Exchanging information on challenges, experiences and goals is a key benefit of networking because it allows you to gain new insights that you may not have otherwise thought of. Similarly, offering helpful ideas to a contact is an excellent way to build your reputation as an innovative thinker.  

In the future, these contacts could be potential references and may be also help connect you to new opportunities.


2. Soft Skills

Apart from enhancing skills in your professional domain, internships come bearing gifts in the form of soft skills. Alongside time management, teamwork and communication skills, you also learn to work with people who get on your nerves, adapt to demanding superior and long work hours and take accountability for your work. Skills like punctuality, multi-tasking, creative thinking, problem solving will help you with your full time job.

3. Working World Experience

Internship essentially serve as blueprint of how professional offices work. Regardless of the responsibilities, most internship follow a similar profile. Through an internship, you can learn more about responsibilities, hierarchies and schedules in a real time office. When students have an opportunity to experience real-world situations, it allows them to practice the skills they learn about in their books and truly understand the task at hand. Teamwork is an extremely important thing in the industry.

So if you want to try those big girl pant before buying them, an internship is your way to go!!

4. Compensation

We are gonna be loud and clear for everyone to hear, experience does not pay bills. You’ll come across internship offering ‘learning’ and ‘experience’ as compensation for your work. And often, in the rush to add a few lines to your resume you may be tempted to take up the first internship that comes your way. Trust me, there are tons of internship out there that will monetarily compensate you for your efforts and skills.

If an internship offers you all of these just grab it!!