Olympics 2021: India (4,5,6,7th Aug)

4th August2021 – Neeraj Chopra and Shivpal Singh (Javelin Throw), Lovlina Borgohain (Boxing), Aditi Ashok and Diksha Dagar (Golf), Indian hockey Hockey Team (Women), Rahi Kumar Dahiya and Anshu Malik ( Wrestling).

5th August 2021: Havildar Irfan Kolothum Thodi, Sandeep Kumar, Rahul Rohilla ( Men’s 20km walk ), Aditi Ashok and Diksha Dagar (Golf), Indian Men’s Hockey Team, Ravi Kumar(Finals), Deepak Punia(Bronze match), Vinesh Phogat and Anshu Malik(Wrestling).

6th August 2021: Aditi Ashok and Diksha Dagar (Golf), Gurpreet Singh(50km walk), Bhawna Jat and Priyanka Goswami (Women’s 20km Walk Finals), Anas, A. Jacob, N.N. Tom, N. Pandi ( Men’s 4x400m relay ), indian women’s hockey team, Bajrang Punia and Seema Bisla (Wrestling)

7th August 2021: Neeraj Chopra(Javelin Throw FINAL), Aditi Ashok and Diksha Dagar (Golf FINALS), Bajrang Punia (Wrestling Bronze Match)



Men’s javelin throw

Neeraj Chopra bagged First position by throwing at a distance of 86.65m in Qualifications of Group A.  

The first javelin thrower to enter an Olympic final and also the first to finish on top of the qualification round. 

Shivpal Singh secured 12th in the Group B Qualifications. But, only Top 8 qualify for the seccon round.

Neeraja Chopra to compete in The finals on 7th August at 4:30pm.

Subedar (Indian Army Rank) Neeraj Chopra created history by winning Gold Medal in Athletics.

Men’s 20km walk

Sandeep Kumar came 23rd in the 20km finals on 5th August. Massimo Stano from Italy bagged 1st position.

Men’s 50km Walk

Gurpreet Singh failed to complete 50km walk. He tagged out after 35km by putting up a good fight.

Womens 20km walk finals

Bhawna Jat and Priyanka Goswami will be competing on 6th August in the finals of 20km Walk. Priyanka complete the competition and ranked 17th.

Men’s 4x400m relay

A. Rajiv, M. Anas, A. Jacob, N.N. Tom, N. Pandi will be competing on 6th august at 5pm. India fought till the end and missed the 3rd pace by mere mere seconds failing to qualify for finals.


Women’s welterweight

Busenaz Surmeneli gave Lovlina Borgohain a tough fight in the Semi-Finals. B. Surmeneli won by the scores as 5-0.

Lovlina Borgohain fought for the Bronze Medal and won it.


Women’s individual

Aditi Ashok had an excellent start as she finished Round 1 in second position and Diksha Secured 56th position.

Aditi Ashok fabulously played and came second in the round 2 on 5th August and Diksha secured 53rd position.

On 6th August she continued her lead and went into next round by securing 2nd position and Diksha Dagar secured 51th position.

Aditi Ashok and Diksha Dagar will be competing in finals on 7th August at 3am.

Aditi Ashok had a great lead throughout the Match. But, she slipped to 4th position at the eleventh hour. Yet, Aditi Ashok has paved a way for Indian Golfers by reaching finals and remaining in top5 through and through.


Women’s tournament

A grueling match between Argentina and India at the Semi- Finals today. It ended with Argentina scoring 2-1 to enter the Finals.

On 6th August, India played against Great Britain for the Bronze medal match.. India put up a brave fight but went down to Britain by marginal scores of 4-3.

Men’s Tournament

Indian Men’s Tournament will be fighting for the Bronze Medal against Germany team on 5th August at am. India won Bronze Medal.


Men’s freestyle 57kg

Ravi Kumar Dahiya wrestled amazingly through 1/8th Finals, 1/4th Finals and Semi- Finals and entered finals at Multiple rounds today – 4th Aug.

Ravi Kumar vs Zaur Uguev will be putting on a wrestle for the Gold Medal on 5th August. It was nail-biting and split decision match. Zaur Uguev won Gold medal and Ravi Kumar won Silver Medal.

Men’s freestyle 86kg

Deepak Kumar lost to David Taylor Iii in semi-finals on 4th aug.

D. Kumar vs Myles Amine on 5th August will be wrestling for the Bronze Medal. The match was grueling from the start. By mere seconds, Myles won the Bronze Medal.

Women’s freestyle 53kg

Vinesh Phogat Vs Sofia Mattsson for 1/8th finals on 5th august. Vinesh Phogat won the 1/8th match and went for the 1/4th match. Wherein she wrestled against Vanesa Kaladzinskaya. Vanesa Won the 1/4th match by fall.

Women’s freestyle 57kg

Iryna Kurachkina from Belarus defeated Anshu Malik in 1/8th Finals with scores 8-2.

Anshu malik vs Koblova Valeria in Repechage round 2 on 5th August. Valeria won this round with scores 5-1.

Men’s freestyle 65kg

Bajrang Punia wrestled his through multiple matches against Iran and Kyrgyzstan to enter the semi-finals of multiple matches on 6th August.

He will be wrestling against Haji Aliyev from Azerbaijan in the semi-finals.He barely slipped through the crack and lost to his opponent.

Bajrang Punia won the bronze Medal in his match against Daulet Niyazbekov, Kazakhstan.

Women’s freestyle 50kg

Sarra Hamdi from Tunisia defeated Seema Bisla in the 1/8th finals.