Dancing plague

While we are suffering a great pandemic, with a hope of getting the news of this pandemic to get over, just like that it is a phase of suffocating people to death, but there was a time when people died where not for any but been dancing.

The dancing epidemic occurred in Alsace from July 1518 to September 1518. It started suddenly when a woman began the dance in a street in Strasbourg, around 50 to 400 people took to dance for days. It last long until it took the attention of Strasbourg magistrate and bishop, they appointed doctors for the cure.

It is considered to be controversial, as some sources claim that the plague killed around 15 people per day or some didn’t mention the number of deaths.
Mainly claimed their theory of this epidemic, food poisoning, the dancing been brought due to food poisoning caused by toxic chemicals of ergot fungi which generally grow s on grains, used to make bread.
Or it may be because of Stress-induced mass hysteria, what does that term depict the involvement of individuals suddenly exhibiting the same behavior.

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