Writing is an art and not everybody could become an expert without practice. Maybe, everyone can write generally like blogging and things. But professional writing needs certain steps to be followed and practiced. It is not an inborn quality for anyone, it lies in the person’s interest to learn and master it. To stand unique from others and gain appreciation, the person should have a passion for writing from the heart. Here are few steps one could take and follow while writing.


Read articles, blogs, and other kinds of stuff as much as you can. The more you read the more you get the ideas and intuitions to write properly. You will also get some inputs before writing. You can notice that it is easier to write after gaining inputs. Reading also helps to improve your vocabulary. One can start the practice of reading from the newspaper. When you read the newspaper, you could get to know at least 5 new words every day. 


Before starting to write, revise the rules in English grammar and writing. Although you don’t need to complete a course on grammar, the basics are required. Build a strong basement with the basics of spelling and grammar. Grammar is very important while writing although it is not paid attention to while speaking.


Ensure you have made the necessary research on the topic. Reach out to the available resources of that topic, make a thorough study and note the key points that are required. This will make you more knowledgeable and you could write easily with a flow. Unless you know more about a topic, you couldn’t expand your ideas and write well.


To improve your writing, do as much practice as you can. It is the only helper to mould you in the right shape. Learn to frame paragraphs and sentences. Try to bring a coherent sequence of sentences. When you write never doubt yourself or your skills. Don’t do it as a practice, think of it as your job and give your best every time you write. Take up workshops and internships until you feel confident and have become a passionate writer.


When you are writing, always start with the rough draft. Read what you have written and make the required changes to make it a better one. Check for spellings and grammatical errors. Edit the rough draft, remove unnecessary words, proofread and frame a fair copy. Try to deliver the content with simple words so that anyone who reads could understand it. Finally, check for plagiarism from the available online tools. This is essential to ensure that your work is not copied from other sources and is unique.


Try to have a person by your side to read, guide, and organize you. The person may be your teacher, colleague, friend, or anyone with enough knowledge in grammar and the language to suggest and give a true opinion on your work. 

These are some of the tips to become a better writer. Nothing comes without effort and so as any language. “Practice makes a man perfect” – so practice more and become a perfect writer. Start simple, make gradual increments and then master the art. Happy learning😊.