Telangana: Forester finds new waterfall in Asifabad

A new waterfall plunging about 60 meters has come to light in the forests of Tiryani mandal, a remote area in Kumaram Bheem Asifabad forest division, Telangana after a forester on foot patrol on a new route made the chance discovery. 

The waterfall, which is now named Bison Waterfall, was discovered in Ginnedhari forest range by the forester a few days ago and is about 2km from the popular Gundala waterfalls.

Ginnedhari forest range officer (FRO) Thodishetty Pranay said he spotted the waterfall while perambulating in the forest. “While I was patrolling the area I happened to take a new route to see what lies ahead. After trekking for about 5km, I was surprised to discover this natural wonder that cascades down from around 60 meters.”

The FRO said even the tribal population in the area said they were unaware of the spot when he enquired with them.

“We decided to name it Bison Waterfall after noticing a huge rock adjacent to it resembling the head of a bison. There is also a deep gorge suitable for adventure tourism and can be added to the adventure tourism circuit of Asifabad forest division by taking some precautions to ensure there is no negative impact on local environment,” said Pranay.

The forest areas of Kumaram Bheem Asifabad district are primarily known for the presence of tiger population, some rare species of birds among other flora and fauna.