The surge of coronavirus cases in Tokyo after organizing the Olympics.

As we all recognize that, the Olympics were supposed to be held in 2020 in Tokyo but, because of the increase in coronavirus cases, the summer Olympics were discontinued till July 2021.

After July 24th, when the Olympics started we can say that time got so terrible that it was very hard to deal with it. Tokyo got attention from all around the world but, according to the Japanese health officials they have never seen or experienced the increase of coronavirus cases like this.

Compared to the initial high number of cases which was reported in Tokyo, there were 2,520 in January. And now, since before the opening ceremony for the summer games last week on Monday, the metropolitan government has confirmed that the city recorded the number of 2,848 cases.

But before all this, Tokyo was not in a good state, there was still a daily count of more than 1800 coronavirus cases before 24th July.

Putting precautions amid the state of the situation, Tokyo urban administration forged up this year by preparing more beds to cope with emergencies in most of the hospitals, the summer games will also proceed without any spectators to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Japanese protest Olympics.

In May 2021, the Public of Japan expressed a large majority that they didn’t want the Olympics to proceed in their country due to pandemics.

On 23rd July, when the Olympics opening ceremony was held, the protesters gathered outside the ceremony to loudly affirm their resentment that the summer games were going ahead despite the danger it might affect public health.

A big challenge for Japan’s prime minister.

The news summaries say that Japan’s prime minister Yoshihide Suga, who will face election this year but right now, is facing the public perception by deciding to continue the Olympics this year. Moreover, reports also say that vaccines in Japan are also getting inadequate in amount.

Prime Minister addressed in a news conference and here’s what he said.

– As he said, There’s no connection between summer games and the rise of coronavirus infections.

– He also said that, since we’ve seen the rise in coronavirus cases and putting precautions to fight it by cutting the flow of people in public places, stricter border controls to curb the spread of coronavirus infections by foreign visitors.

– According to him, he urged people to watch the summer games from their homes, try not to gather in groups or in public places to reduce infection of the virus.

– He also said that it is time to increase more and tighter constraints to reduce the number of infections and we should be careful about it. The quick rise in cases can be associated if people move out for holidays on weekends, the Olympics, the Paralympics, and summer vacations.

Metropolitan Government officials of Tokyo confirmed 3,865 new cases of coronavirus recently after the completion of 1 week after starting the Olympics.

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