If we look at the world and think deep down we wonder, who made this beautiful world, this day and night, this cycle of life, these plants and trees, rivers, hills, mountains, lakes, blue sky and little stars blinking millions of miles away? Science that the universe came into existence due to a big bang.
After the formation of the earth, who brought life to this world? That's a secret we don’t know. Every scientist, every religion, every philosophical thought gives different explanations for the origin of life on earth. Who was the first living organism on this earth? 
Long long ago after the formation of the earth, and the presence of water on it, a small micro-organism known as amoeba developed. It is a unicellular organism which is believed to be formed firstly on the earth. Later, as millions of years passed, amoeba evolved and a multicellular organism was formed and then after further evolution monkeys and chimpanzees came into existence and from there humans evolved. 
Human body is not less than a machine. A heart that is beating non-stop, providing fuel to every part of the body so that it can function, exactly like an engine in any machine. 
Lungs inhale oxygen by breathing and this oxygen is provided to blood. 
Brain which is the most important part of a human body, controls all the functions of the human body, gives commands to every part of the body, receives commands from every part of the body, analyzes them and reacts accordingly. 
I wonder how beautifully this universe has evolved humans and made it the most unique creature by imbibing emotions into them.
A human being falls in love with the parents, family members, relatives and people of opposite gender. Love is something indescribable which every human possesses in his heart's corner. 
Happiness is something which gives pleasure to the entire body system. People struggle and live to be happy and everybody has different sources of happiness. People live to be happy. Sometimes love and happiness are interconnected. In fact all emotions are interconnected. Love can make you happy as well as sad at the same time. 
Emotions make us different from machines. We have emotions and hence have power to control ourselves.
We become sad and tears come out of our eyes, isn't that unique? We humans have feelings of pity and gratitude towards each other. 
Some humans are too full of emotions and feelings, and are known as sensitive humans. Who loves too much, cares too much, is sad too much and happy as well. 
No doubt every living organism which has life, also has emotions. Maybe plants and trees, ants and lizards also have emotions. Dogs, cats, cows, lions, fish. Every animal has emotions but why are they not like humans? Humans know how to express their emotions and how to control them. We can handle our emotions. Hence we are humans due to our ability to handle emotions. 
Emotions give humans and each living organism a reason to live and survive. Otherwise humans too would be like machines which keep on doing the same thing over and over again. There would be no development of individuals and of society. When a person gets success in his life he becomes happy. Everyone earns to live a happy life and for their loved one. 
Life is balanced due to love, hate, anger, sadness and happiness. Life is full of emotions. From birth to death.

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