Golfer Aditi Ashok

Aditi Ashok is a golf player. She is the news today in each and every corner of India due to her performance in 2021 Olympics for grabbing fourth place in golf. During Rio Olympics she was the youngest among all the participants in Riyo Olympics.

Aditi is from Bangalore, Karnataka she started playing golf at the age of 5 and she is 23 years old. When she started playing golf there were only three golf courses in Bangalore. Due to her interest in golf, her father joined her to the Karnataka Golf Association driving range.

Today she lost the bronze medal in her last shot. Even though she didn’t win the game today she made us to remember that even Indian’s play golf. This is the unbelievable truth that many people had no knowledge about golf till today. She is influencing and motivating younger generation to play golf through her achievement in 2021 Olympics.

Aditi says support from her school teacher, coach, parents and golf union has made her to come this far. Lets congratulate Aditi for securing 4th place in golf. She made us feel proud today.

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