Pollution and its effect on environment and health

We all are familiar with the term Pollution and have heard and observed it lot of times. But here , I want to discuss different types of pollution’s effect on our Environment and health. whether it be air pollution, water pollution , noise pollution ,soil pollution or any other pollution. it has some serious effect on our environment.

As we all know that pollution is an undesirable change in the physical or chemical change in our environment due to accumulation of harmful substances and these substances who causes this pollution are called pollutants.

Now let us discuss some adverse effect of different types of pollution in our environment :-

  1. Effects due to air pollution: it is the one of the most common pollution it is caused due to unwanted particles in air. Major pollutants are carbon monoxide, oxide of Sulphur, hydrocarbons ,carbon dioxide etc.
  • Carbon monoxide : carbon monoxide has a damaging effect on us. it has affinity with haemoglobin and forms stable compound , due to which oxygen capacity of haemoglobin reduces.it can cause headaches, exhaustion and other effects . it can even cause death.
  • Oxides of Sulphur : it causes breathing difficulties and diseases like asthma and bronchitis. It is also harmful to plants and animals. Sulphur dioxide with Sulphur trioxide and water forms Sulphorous acid and Sulphuric acid. which causes acid rain. acid rain can damages various buildings plants and aquatic life.
  • Hydrocarbons: They are very dangerous and many hydrocarbons like methane when oxidizes with Carbon dioxide can increase amount of carbon dioxide in nature. Alkyl nitrates when reacting with molecules in atmosphere can affect blood kidneys and nervous system.
  • Carbon dioxide : high concentration of carbon dioxide can cause global warming and due to global warming it affects our climate and other things.

2. Effects due to water pollution : it is due to the unwanted substances in water bodies. which make it unfit and harmful for use.

  • Effects of nitrates : Excessive presence of nitrates in water is unfit to drink , especially for infants. This excessive nitrates is due to the use of hydrogen fertilizers.
  • Effect of pesticides: pesticides can easily penetrate our skin. it can also cause lung related problems.
  • effect of domestic wastes : it contains a lot of organic matter in forms of soap , detergents and food. such pollutants causes water pollution and can lead to diseases like typhoid cholera Diarrhoea. organic waste from various industries enter in water bodies and cause excessive growth of aquatic vegetation and decreases oxygen content of water.

3. Effects due to soil pollution : it causes loss of natural nutrients , soil organic matter and imbalances the nutrients present in the soil. crops that are grown in contaminated soil can absorbs those toxic material. it weakens the strength of trees. soil erosion is a very common problem.

4. Effects due to Noise pollution : Noise pollution occurs due to unwanted disturbing sound that causes problems to us. Excessive exposure to noise pollution can weaken our ears , can cause headaches , stress and anxiety. Noise pollution can damage ecosystem and also wildlife.

5. Effects due to radiation pollution : it is caused due to contamination of air , water with radioactive materials.

  • Effects of radioactive pollution: Radioactive pollution is a very dangerous and harmful pollution. it can cause diseases like cancer , haemorrhage etc. it can cause infertility of soil . radioactive pollution can damage plants it can affect their life.

nuclear disaster : a devastating fire in the reactor of chernobyl nuclear power plant took place on 26 April 198+6. this resulted in clouds of radioactive smoke affecting nearly 20000 people. Even today many people are suffering due to that.(veer Bala Rastogi , 237).

These all pollutions stated are very harmful for us . we should follow certain steps to decrease their effect in our environment .