Give whatever you are doing & whomever you are with the gift of your attention – JIM ROHN .

Rightly said by him as with concentration you can achieve anything & everything . Concentration means focused attention, and it has many uses and benefits. It assists in studying, enables faster comprehension, improves the memory, helps in focusing on a task, job or goal, and enables you to ignore meaningless and irrelevant thoughts. When this ability is strong, the mind obeys you more readily and does not engage in meaningless thoughts. This ability plays an important role in meditation, gaining mental mastery, and attaining peace of mind. Without it, the mind just jumps restlessly from one thought to another, not allowing you to meditate properly. everybody wants to increase their concentration power , but this power needs some hacks to grow , so let me share few facts with which you can grow you concentration .


Each one of us knows that when we are surrounded with green , we feel refreshed & energetic . A dose of nature can work like a doctor for increasing concentration . suggests that exposure to natural surroundings, including green spaces, may prove beneficial for children’s brain development. In a study, children aged 4–5 to 7 years of age with more green space around their homes scored better in attention tests. These results underline the importance of expanding green areas in cities to support children’s health and brain development. exposure to greenery & increasing in concentration won’t stop at childhood , research has shown that colleges & institutes which are surrounded with greenery supports better mental health of children .

You may not have the luxury of a rooftop garden or an office laden with plants, but spending time outside someplace green, or eating your lunch in the park each day, could make a significant difference to your concentration.


People forget to take breaks , & this is what makes them stressful . A study found that people who read emails throughout the day switched screen twice as often and were in an ongoing state of high alert with a constant heart rate. When email was removed from these people for 5 days, their heart rate returned to a natural, variable one. The authors concluded that taking an email vacation significantly decreases stress and improves concentration and focus.

Few examples of break are here :

  1. Take a notification break : Everyone have observed that when ever you get notification from your phone you pic it up & check that notification . This is a thing which breaks your concentration . The team explained that task performance takes a hit because humans have a limited capacity for attention that needs to be split between tasks. The researchers also emphasized that just being aware of a missed text or call can have the same effect. If you need to stay on track and focused, it might be worth either turning off your cell phone, setting it to silent, or putting it away somewhere that you cannot see it.
  2. Social Media break : One should take social media break , because every time one wants to check their account , which break you concentration & make you walk on a less focused path .
  3. Work break : Excess work gives you tension , which lets you less concentration & more confusion .

Researchers recommend taking:

  • a mid-morning break to replenish concentration
  • better breaks by doing something you enjoy, which should make your break more restful, provide better recovery, and help you to come back to worked focused
  • frequent short breaks to facilitate recovery

Taking breaks earlier in the day and doing preferred activities lead to better health, job satisfaction, and revival of energy, motivation, and concentration.

3 . IMPROVE YOU WELL BEING : You know what , you food , sleep habits , working habits tells how concentrative you are . your habits of living you life decides you concentration level . Let me give you some tips to improve your concentration :

Walnuts may improve performance on tests for cognitive function, including those assessing information processing speed, memory, and concentration.

Avocados. Consuming one avocado every day may help improve cognitive function due to an upsurge in lutein levels in the eye and brain. Researchers uncovered that eating an avocado daily enhanced measures of cognitive skills, including processing speed, memory, and attention.

Chocolate — or specifically the cocoa bean — is rich in flavanols, which are compounds that have neuroprotective effects. Cocoa flavanols may help to improve cognitive processing speed, working memory, and attention when ingested for between 5 days and 3 months.