Kickresume is a resume builder tool that lets you choose from pre- designed resume and cover letter templates. Kickresume is by far the most easy to use and effective resume website which will help to make your resume look more elegant, well designed and impressive. Kickresume gives you amillion design combinations to improve your resume. Whether you are nurse or an engineer it doesn’t matter with kickresume your resume will always stand out.

“Being a college student who is transitioning to the work life, I consider Kickresume the most helpful tool available. It is very user-friendly with a variety of designs tailored to your personal preferences and profession. It doesn’t get any better than this!!!“

It offers templates for various professional arenas. Simply choose your profession and further customize it according to your needs!


While creating your resume it is extremely necessary to view it from an employer’s perspective. Is the format clear? Does it hold attention? Is it easy to read and understand? Readable can help. The tools scores your content based on various aspect such as sentence construction, structure and more!

Readability is about making content clear and easy to understand for the largest audience possible. Focusing on readability increases the chance that your target audience will actually read and interact with the content you publish. For this reason, readability should be a natural part of your content management.


Of course, you’ve heard of Canva choose from a plethora of templates to add that touch of finesse to your own resume. Customize your resume by changing elements, colour, and style. While it can be a lot of fun customizing your resume remember to it professional, sleek, and clean.


Yes, this tool is nothing short of a lifesaver when it comes to assignments. But guess what? You can also use Grammarly to create grammatically flawless application and resumes. it will make sure that everything you type is effective and mistake-free, it will help you write mistake-free in not only resume but also in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other app you use. Even the text messages also!

It also check the tone of your application, making it suitable for professional and formal use . No silly spelling errors anymore, yay!

Grammarly isn’t just a safety net. You’ll get detailed explanations for all your mistakes to help you avoid making them again in the future.