The universe and the Earth in particular, have been stupendous creations and nothing short of miracles, and it is a spectacle how our planet can sustain life and thrive in all the drastic conditions it is subjected to. Needless to say, humans have been bestowed with so many gifts by nature. We are dependent on nature for almost all our needs, and are truly fortunate to source our things from it for free (though human procuring and processing puts a hefty price on it!). With these resources, we have created a luxurious life for ourselves. We have built huge constructions on land and heights, literally everywhere possible to suffice our necessity of a stable living space. In order to procure such land space, we have cleared the natural flora of the area. Earlier, when human needs were limited and the population was sizable and controlled, the utilization of natural resources was done in an optimum manner. As technology came into the picture and great advancements led to urbanization and industrialization, the land requirement also went up drastically. After these revolutions picked up pace, the usage of available land increased to a great extent. As against this, though the Earth is a gigantic ball of habitable place, the actual land available to us is hardly 30% of it. Now as the necessity and utility increased, humans started occupying forest covers. This led to extensive deforestation and disruption of the balance in the natural ecosystem, resulting a number of problems. Today, the human race is largely responsible for a huge reduction in the number of trees and area under natural habitats, leading to a number of natural species being endangered or totally wiped out from the planet. Now, we ourselves might have to face the wrath of destroying this balance. As the area under forests dwindles day by day, we face numerous natural calamities and problems like scanty rainfall, climate change, increase in temperature leading to global warming, low fertility of soil, etc. which have been detrimental to a lot of living beings. The utilization of cutting these forest resources is done to make wooden furniture, paper, land for agriculture, commercial purposes, etc. But the demand of the time requires way more resources than the available and safely possible ones, leading to their over-utilization and depletion eventually, and causing way more harm in the process. As the nature is a chain of cycles and systems, if one step of the process is stopped or deleted, there is no bypass or alternative to complete the chain and the complete system gets disrupted thus affecting all the other elements in it. So, care needs to be taken in order to set and keep the process going smoothly. But as it is said, ’Destruction is easy, but creation is complicated and magical’, reverting and restoring environmental balance is way more difficult than safekeeping it while good. So, we need to realize that it is high time now and we need to stop the ginormous extent of deforestation in order to secure a good future for the Earth and a conducive and productive environment where all the creations will live in harmony. It is necessary to diligently plant and grow trees as many possible, recycle our available resources, use technology in the best possible way to reduce cutting of trees, find alternative sources of usage, implement laws to prevent deforestation and protect the existing and new trees, etc. in order to stop damage to our environment and preserve the antiquities the creator has gifted to us!

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