Cyber Crimes

When crime is committed on internet, it is known as cyber crime. There are various types of cyber crime some of them are listed below :-

  1. Hacking :- Gaining data about someone’s private and sensitive information by doing access to their computer system illegally is known as hacking.
  2. Theft :- Theft occurs when a person downloads music, movie, games and software by violating copyright.
  3. Cyber Stalking :- When someone’s receive unwanted abusive online messages and emails is known as cyber stalking.
  4. Malicious Software :- These are internet-based software or programs known as pirated software that are used to disrupts proper functioning of the network.
  5. Defamation :- It is a cyber crime with the intent of lowering the dignity of someone by hacking into their email account and sending mails using vulgar language to unknown person’s account.

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