It is said that for establishment of any relationship whether official, unofficial, love, friendship and other, the base upon which it is built is the trust. 
As humans started to survive on this earth, they began hunting and gathering. Later human civilization began to establish and in order to communicate with each other, people started using signs and symbols and later on languages were made. 
Connections between people began to establish, people started interacting with each other and hence social connections and society began to form. 
In India earlier more than the major population lived in villages and even today India's 65.07% of the population lives in villages. 
It's said that people earlier who lived in villages were more helpful, kind, humble and dedicated towards each other. They were soft hearted and hence have the belief in the concept of joy of giving. They cannot see anyone in trouble and hence were always ready to help each other. 
The most important thing which makes a difference between that time and today's scenario is that people in ancient times can trust each other, they can talk to anyone, they can make anybody who is passing by their house to sit and give him food and water. They can leave their house open if they are going outside for a few hours. People sympathized with each other. 
As the time passed, people began to live a good life, people began to raise their standard of living. People began to be educated and hence to earn a good amount they shifted to urban areas, also to get good education further, they started to migrate to urban areas. 
In cities, one can find immense money, comfort and good living, but what you will be lacking is a sense of belongingness and brotherhood among each other, even nearby your house and your society members. There nobody is bothered about anyone, whether a person is dying or living no one cares. 
Sometimes if one is in trouble and is helpless, nobody is going to help him out. Manier times we see if an accident happens on the roadside and no medical help has been reached out, everybody will make videos on smartphones of the incident for posting on social media, but no one is responsible for calling an ambulance with the same smartphone. If an ambulance is unable to reach within time no one is liable to take a patient to the hospital by hook or by crook. 
In the context of India specially, the society has reached to such a brutal condition that you cannot trust a single person, you cannot walk on roads alone, you cannot drive on an empty road, you cannot wear any ornaments in public, you cannot talk to anyone on phone while walking on the road, you cannot look for a job, you cannot ask for a job to anyone. Why? Because people here are eager to cheat, loot and steal from each other. 
If you are walking alone on a street not only alone, even if in a crowd, you always find a sword of theft hanging over you. You have to hide your ornaments and phones while walking on the phone because any random person would come wearing the facade of a thief and will grab it from your neck and hand and you will be helpless. 
The body of women has always been a source of entertainment for the men specially in India. Women are unsafe here by every means. Despite these many laws and privileges, women are unsafe, she cannot do night jobs, she cannot hire a taxi even in day time, if she is alone. She cannot go anywhere alone, because seeing a girl alone, they get the chance to tease her and to harass her.
People sometimes give into the greed of giving jobs and misuse them. There are innumerable examples which prove how unsafe a woman is. They are raped, their lives are destroyed by acid attacks. Such a cowardly man lives in the Indian society. 
I wonder where humanity has faded? How can people be so heartless? How can one forget about helping each other? This world exists because of trust and faith in each other. If everybody will look at each other from the eye of suspicion how humanity is going to survive? how will this cycle of surviving work? 

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