Software programming

Software programming is a very popular and essential thing in computer science student’s life. Everyone would have a at least a basic idea of software programming and what it is all about. Programming is a set of instructions that is given to computer to perform a specific task.

To explain it in a simple words let us take an example of our daily life, like us we have a common language to communicate with each other , to give someone any instructions for a work, same goes for computers they also have a particular language to perform a task. They cannot understand our language to do a particular thing . and the way we can communicate and give instruction to computer to perform a task is with the help of programming.

Companies in Software programming

There are various jobs as software programmer but it depends on the kind of industry we are working on . it can be a IT company as a software Programmer , which is software product company like Microsoft adobe etc. If we are working in software product company we would be required to do programming for different software products or monitoring the work of many groups of programmers who are working on different parts of the software. we may required in testing each software carefully to remove all glitches in it.

Another kind of IT company is software service companies like Wipro , Infosys etc. In these companies, we do not have to make software products but have to work with individual customers to develop customized software products that would solve the customer’s particular problem. The customer or clients could be any companies like of car manufacturing , banks or any other who are needing a software solution to their problems to save their time , money and many other things.

In a software service company , we can be either a programmer or project leader. we could be involved in documentation in testing or debugging ( running the program again and again with different inputs).

Some advantages of being a software programmer

  • We can work from home with a computer/ laptop with good internet, especially in this pandemic time we do not have to go office to do our work we can simply do in our home with no problems.
  • In market , there is always a demand of software developer, not only for a particular software company but also for other things.
  • There is no limit of software applications . software are yet to be used in their full potential so there are many opportunities to create new software.
  • We may get opportunities to travel abroad frequently. Our company may send us abroad for some special training or our foreign clients may ask us to develop the software in their place for their convenience and requirements.

This is all about software programming companies and opportunities we can get. Talking just about programming languages there are different types of programming like java , C , C++ , python etc. students should learn programming languages as soon as possible in school time for their future if we want our career in it.