We may live in different place, different state, different country but we a got together by music. Would you agree if say like that? Yes, music is a good companion which helps us to express our feelings. It may be any form of music but we may feel accompanied with music rather than being lonely. Let me tell you about how music has an great effect on us.

Music is something that we enjoy as a part of our life. It accompanies us from birth to death. During our childhood, our parents and grandparents used to sing songs to make us sleep. Crying is a kind of music. When we woke up, we can hear the birds chirpping and trees rustling which is the most lovely feel in the morning. Music is everywhere, all we need is to open our ears to listen to it.

One who knows to create music on their own with musical instruments is called a Musician. The different music instruments include – Percussion, Brass, String, woodwind and keyboard. Brass music instruments are played using mouth. Those instruments include Trombone, Trumpet etc. String music instruments give rythym to music and those instruments include Guitar, Veena, Violin etc.

Some musical instruments

Percussion musical instruments gives main beat and feel to the song and those include Drums, Tabla, Dolak etc. Woodwind instruments are made of wood and they are also played using mounth like brass instruments and these instrument include Flute. The keyboard consists of keys which has high pitches.When you add another voice to an instrument, it is called singing and is a vital part of the music. When people who play different instruments come together to play them together, it is called a band.

There are different genres of music such as rock, pop, classical, blues, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, etc. All of these genres of music are characterized by how the instruments work together. Rock music is often louder and is played using percussion and string instruments. In Jazz music, Saxophone is very popular. In this modern world, the newest genres of music is electronic dance music (EDM) which consists of loud percussive beats and is very popular to young people.

We all have our favorite music director, singer, band, etc. Music is a universal language that unite people regardless of boundaries. This has the sense of familiarity among the people. Eventhough, we don’t understand the meaning of the lyrics of a song, we like it because of the tune and voice. Music is not just a sound but a communicable language which makes feel good. I love to hear music when am alone. But I used to play music when I am with my friends and family and it unites us very much. Listening to your favourite song can completely uplift your mood if you are feeling down. Everybody has their own kind of music that they love, which is why it is special to us all in our own unique ways.

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My best advice for you is to enjoy the music when you are alone and enjoy more than that when you are with your family. This feel cannot be explained in words and you’ll understand by experiencing it. Often hear songs; make everyone around you happy. Be happy; lead a helathy life.

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