We have crossed almost one and a half year now, with the pandemic into its most powerful, raging form with two devastating waves of surge in the number of those affected with the deadly coronavirus. Many countries are facing the wrath of a scathing third wave too, with many new mutated forms and variants of the virus infecting millions of people around the world. Our daily lives have sure been disrupted with the advent of the nationwide lockdowns happening periodically in many countries including our own. From daily grocery stores to educational institutions, office spaces and workplaces, public places, malls and theatres, almost every place has pulled down the shutters temporarily, owing to the lockdown restrictions. Now, these were the regular day-to-day activities that were halted for a short time span. But what about international events which were planned long ago and their preparations had begun in fervour and flamboyance well in advance. Well, these were the events that would be attracting a lot of international tourists, spectators and most importantly, participants and attendees. But as the pandemic set in, international travel was strictly banned, with only very important and urgent travel allowances permitted. The world hoped that this chaotic situation might wither away soon, bringing everything running together smoothly and on track. But it wasn’t late until we realized that we would have to stay put inside our homes for almost the next two years to come and many of our long term plans had to be called off or put on hold for a while. One of these gala events everyone had set their eyes on was the Tokyo Olympics 2020 season. The extravagant Olympics that take place once every four years and are considered the epitome of sporting competitions are something which every aspiring star player and every nation looks forward to with gleaming hopes and pride. To receive the honour of hosting the Olympics is an proud achievement in itself for the hosting country. There are zillions of preparations that go into arranging and conducting the games successfully. With international level players and athletes from hundreds of professional sporting events coming in for the games, the hosting nations have to make sure that the players and their accompanying crew of coaches, medical professionals, etc. are provided with the best facilities and are given the warmest hospitality during their stay through the course of the games. Japan too, prepared with great enthusiasm for the Olympics, making a special Olympic village for the grand purpose too. With a huge budget and unending preparations, the island nation had been in its best form to prepare for the games. But in the face of the pandemic, the Committee had to keep on postponing the Olympics. The event which was to be conducted by mid-2020 was pushed to 2021 due to the difficult circumstances worldwide. But Japan stood up strongly and firmly to the global situation, with successful, well organized and perhaps wonderful conduction of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Though spectators weren’t allowed in the stadiums for the live matches and events, the organizing body made sure all the games were live telecasted for the highly energetic crowds throughout the world. The nation truly played on a huge risk, but truly stood out in their efforts of bringing in a heartwarming and fantabulous Olympics season, sending a powerful message across the globe of staying strong and standing up with grit against the unprecedented situation with endurance. So, kudos to everyone who made a great effort to positively raise everyone’s spirits up though the Olympics, and kudos to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

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