Letting Go

Romeo and Juliet is probably one of the best known pieces of fiction in the world. Two lovers separated by family differences find each other only after death makes them meet in the world beyond.

What Are the Real Origins of Shakespeare's “Romeo and Juliet?” | by Julia  Rose Harmon | The Smartie Newsletter | Medium

Now, it is a very philosophical way of saying, but in life, sometimes, one must know how to give up. Giving up is not the part where one never tries but the part where one realizes that he or she or they are done trying – to their best. And it is not a sign of cowardice but a very healthy exercise when giving up is accompanied by letting go.

The American star Olympian Simone Biles announced her early return from the Tokyo Olympics citing mental health reasons, the most decorated Gymnast of all time was clearly being braver and more conscious of herself than the way in which many conservatives in her country tried to portray her. She knew that she could not perform if she could not keep calm and that would only make it worse for her – deep in her head. Let us not forget that she holds 32 medals combining World championships and Olympics. In the 2016 Olympics, she singlehandedly won 3 gold and 1 bronze medals and another gold medal in teams event. She, by no means lacks the resources to be the champion. But she understood her mind.

Biles smiling and waving

The process is difficult. One might argue that giving up is like admitting defeat. Admitting defeat in the face of a certain defeat is honesty! And although your mind requires some straining, it is up to you to decide to what extent can you strain the same.

Next time, when you are giving your best and after several attempts, it seems futile to continue, give it a thought. Should you or should you not continue.