Atlantis- The Sunken City

There are many unsolved mysteries in the world that we currently inhabit. Add curious human minds that try to provide reasons for every unexpected occurrence and we enter an interesting world of myths, theories, and the most absurdly entertaining possibilities.

Atlantis, the land of Atlas, was believed to be a myth created by Plato in 330 BC. It was described as a utopian, technologically advanced civilization that was inhabited by god-like humans. It was an island of sorts, where exotic vegetation, animals, minerals, and metals existed in abundance. Their naval force was described as impenetrable and unbeatable, which could only mean that they were indestructible. 

Greek legend has it that as generations of Atlanteans were born, the kingdom was overcome with the need to conquer even when they were well-endowed with riches and resources. As a punishment for their hubris, Poseidon, The God of Seas and Earthquakes, sunk the city.

In recent ages, historians and experts believe that Atlantis once existed though the location of the sunken city varies. It could be in the Atlantic Ocean, under Antarctica, or even in the Caribbean.  One of the most popular theories of Atlantis possibly existing is that it is lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

A professional diver, Ray Brown, claimed to have seen advanced structures and buildings when he went diving for treasures near Miami. He also claimed to have found the top of a pyramid. Given that the Bermuda triangle is actually a sight for malfunctioning technology, mystical disappearances, and mysterious sightings, Brown’s statements were highly plausible. Under further investigation by French divers and explorers went to the same area and also reported finding the top of a glowing pyramid, which, with SONAR readings, was confirmed to be bigger than the Pyramids of Giza. Their documentation stated that the pyramid appeared to have two holes that sucked in and released water at an alarming rate which caused turbulence and vortexes. 

Furthermore, believers of this theory stated that there were sightings of other structures on the coasts of Bimini, which were quickly evaluated and dismissed as plain bedrock formations.

Time, with the help of technological advancements, will only pave the path for more possibilities of the existence of Atlantis. Hopefully, we will stumble upon concrete evidence that a possible myth, was indeed a reality.

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