There has always been a pressure to replace historical craft materials (bamboos) with more modern materials. But they believe that bamboo is a long standing historical plant that belongs to the nature. Bamboo Art Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 50528960.

Bamboo can do just about anything any other material can do. Bamboo varies in sizes, especially height and grows at least 15 cm per hour. If used correctly, bamboo is as strong as steel and as resilient as brick and concrete. 

But why should we consider bamboo over other modern materials?

  1. Carbon trading and reforestation. 

Fiber reinforced composite materials have enabled much industrial innovation. Currently composites reinforced by glass fibers and carbon fibers are being used extensively for many structural applications. However, there are economic and environmental challenges.

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The climate change due to green-house gases and methane and nitrous oxide is for the worse. By using fossil fuel as energy source, the carbon emission has been at its peak compared to the last 800000 yrs. Implementation of renewable energy and biological and carbon sequestration would be most preferable in an attempt to decrease global warming.

Carbon sequestration or carbon dioxide removal is the long-term removal, capture or sequestration of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to slow or reverse atmospheric CO2 pollution and to mitigate or reverse global warming.

Plants store co2 as building blocks and hence convert gaseous carbon to solid carbon. Since bamboos are fast growing and hence the most efficient in sequestration. 

What If climate change was just a hoax/ what would happen to bamboo? 

  • Humans share the need for hygiene and normal facilities. Clean water is a necessity. 

Since the development of cities, there have been valiant efforts to plant trees in order to reduce environmental degradation linked to urbanization.  Bamboo root structures help resting erosions, regulating water flow, clean water etc. In fact, bamboo can absorb human urine. Bamboo can clean soil and water from hazardous chemicals. It convert waste into viable resources.

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  • Bamboo is used daily for regular appliances by 2.5 billion people in the world. Bamboo can be refined into bio fuel, bioplastics, and endless other applications.


The main reasons regarding why bamboo hasn’t been adopted into the modern age as extensively as materials like steel are:

  1. Lack of awareness,
  2. Lack of coordination among stake holders.
  3. It’s dimensions differ greatly
  4. the inability to grade the material and longevity, 
  5. It can’t play well with other materials, its completely organic, i.e., it can’t be combined with steel or glass.

Due to its limited budget, there are more common and modern materials in today’s market.

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